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Wednesday February 20 2013
 9:00PM -- doors at 8:30PM ••• 21 AND OVER
Spooky Flowers
rock garage psychedelic pop                     ----------------- Big Drag canceled
Standard Poodle
folk rock psych rock
Big Long Now
experimental ghetto jazz post-punk loop

Spooky Flowers
Standard Poodle

Big Long Now
Sean called Nick, an old friend from college (in NH) living in LA, and asked if he knew anybody in the bay area who played drums, he said he actually did, an old friend, Jimmy, who lived down the street from Sean in West Oakland. They met up, jammed and it turned out Jimmy sucked at the drums. He said "I play bass better, lets meet up tomorrow." they did and he ripped on the bass, it was natural and they worked well together .....then after playing together for a few months with a drummer, Paul, Jimmy got run over by an 18 wheeler while on a bike ride. After 5 long months recovering in a hospital and then at home in NH, Jimmy moved back to West Oakland, but this time with childhood friend and drummer buddy, Matty, they all moved into a house together and started playing music and calling themselves big long now.