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Friday May 24 2013
 10:00PM -- doors at 8:30PM ••• 21 AND OVER
Imperial Teen
indie pop
alternative chill wave indie rock
Gone To Ground

Imperial Teen
Imperial Teen is a San Francisco-based indie pop group made up of Roddy Bottum (Faith No More) primarily on guitar/vocals, Will Schwartz (also of hey willpower) primarily on guitar/vocals, Lynn Truell (née Perko formerly of Sister Double Happiness, the Dicks, and the Wrecks) primarily on drums and backing vocals, and Jone Stebbins (previously of The Wrecks) primarily on bass and backing vocals. Imperial Teen became known for their boy/girl harmonies and for all four members switching off on instruments during shows.

An American rock band featuring members of Grand Lake, Rogue Wave, and Our Lady of the Highway.
When EMA asks the question 'what's it like to be small-town and gay?' in her unhinged-angst anthem 'California', Caleb Nichols has an answer: It was brutal, it was beautiful, and well worth singing about. Nichols, along with San Francisco/Oakland music scene vets Pat Spurgeon and Dominic East, explores the heartache and wonder of small-town teenage alienation in his new Bay-Area based outfit, CHURCHES. CHURCHES is salvation through distortion for the disaffected small-town weirdo in everyone – a sonic cathedral of cymbals and guitars for the modern outcast.
Drawing on all types of influences from Nirvana to Dinosaur Jr. to Pavement to Built To Spill, it’s hard not to like this rocking threesome. - Killing Sasquatch
Here we have what sounds like a pop cover of a Nirvana song that they didn’t actually write. The structure and chorus are all there, but while they kept the garage, they left the grunge behind. - You Aint No Piccasso
CHURCHES relies heavily on early grunge and alternative influences, but the soaring vocals lead singer Caleb Nichols prevents the project from dissolving into the darkness that dominated that scene. - Thoughts on Tracks
Musically, the band – made up of Caleb Nichols (Grand Lake, Port O'Brien) and Pat Spurgeon (Rogue Wave) – arouses memories of '90s bedroom angst; “Save Me,” recorded at Tiny Telephone, utilizes this vibe and mixes it with distorted pop, repetitive calls, and lightly-employed synth. Second single “Feel Alright,” released today, follows the garage trail deeper, occasionally evoking an early Nirvana-lite. - SF Bay Guardian
Drawing on teen angst, power-chord rock, reverb, and Nirvana, whose influence is most palpable on the chillingly sweet but angst-ridden track "Save Me." It's a fine listen. - East Bay Express
Churches’ music hearkens back to the days of 120 Minutes, when MTV used to actually play videos. Big fuzzed out guitars and heartfelt vocals that are deeply moving while being alternately sad or celebratory, and sometimes even a seemingly incongruous mix of the two. - Tympanogram

Gone To Ground
Musically inventive, orchestral and punchy as all hell, a celebration of all things guitar, this new band from production wizard and multi-instrumentalist Paul Simmans and Frightwig co-founder Mia d'Bruzzi chronicles the controlled folly of adulthood, the vicissitudes of life and an examination of the process of death. Originally from the UK, Paul Simmans is a guitar alchemist, creating vast aural landscapes ripe with ghostlike string sections and undertones of sinister depth as well as transcendent bliss. Mia d'Bruzzi has been a notorious player in the San Francisco underground music scene since the early '80s. Co-founder of seminal all-female punk band Frightwig (Subterranean Records,Southern Records), Mia has also toured and recorded with legendary SF darlings The Mudwimin (Big Dog, Broken Rekids), as well as pop punk sensations Fabulous Disaster (Black&Pink). Paul and Mia met in the UK in 1999 and have been collaborating ever since. The Gone to Ground EP formally debuts their shared musical mania and is a precursor to their upcoming LP, due to release in spring 2013.