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Saturday June 22 2013
 9:30PM -- doors at 8:30PM ••• ALL AGES
Yassou Benedict
 indie pop experimental
O Presidente
bro-fi noo wop pop tropicalia
The Campbell Apartment
indie rock pop

Yassou Benedict
Formed in upstate New York, now based in San Francisco, Yassou Benedict is a four piece rock band that makes tightly composed pop music with integrity.
Though they employ unconventional song structures and shifting time signatures, they are not afraid to play music that is bold, emotional, and immediate.

 Yassou Benedict creates music that is highly composed and tight knit like the grid of a city. Pop, shoegaze, hip hop, and rock - each make their way into their songs, creating unique rhythmic structures anchored by vocal melodies ranging from the soulful to the haunting and ethereal.
Calling the small city of Hudson New York home, Yassou Benedict have carved themselves a place in the town's thriving and ever growing music scene. Opening for such acts as Melissa Auf der Mauer, and Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, the band feels that to put on a great live show is the greatest gift musicians can give, and look forward to exploring each performance as a chance to experience their songs in a new way.
Inspired by coming of age in this turbulent time of progress and destruction, their songs convey feelings of longing: for identity, love, hope, and change, with lyrics both personal and political. Yassou Benedict is a group of young driven individuals, working to create music disconnected from any trends or revivals, music intended to grow in its relevance and help shape a better and more artistic world.

O Presidente
Andrew Zingg
Nathaniel Draper
Tobias Butler
Thomas Yopes 

O Presidente calls two places home: San Francisco, the land of garage psychedelia, and Wesleyan University, the school that spawned such acts as MGMT, Santigold, and Das Racist. Drawing from 50s Doo Wop, 60s Garage Rock, and Brazilian Tropicália, they've developed a following on the East Coast college circuit and in the Bay Area, where they've played venues like Hotel Utah and Bottom Of The Hill.

The Campbell Apartment
Indie rock pop band based both in SF and NYC (and occasionally the UK), featuring songwriting legend and visual artist Ari Vais and guitarist Jody Porter from Fountains Of Wayne. The Campbell Apartment also includes Ed Burch on drums and Marty Schneider on bass. Their latest album, "In", produced by Jody Porter, was released on Light Rail Records in November 2011.