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Thursday July 25 2013
 9:00PM -- doors at 8:30PM ••• ALL AGES
Speedy Ortiz
 on Carpark Records
 "snack-rock" ~  Indie Rock, Emo, Punk
Shinobu -----------GRMLN is off the bill‎
indie punk rock
Wild Moth
 hardcore-influenced, melodic post-punk

Speedy Ortiz 
on Carpark Records

matt robidoux: guitar
lip keebler: drums
sadie dupuis: guitar/vox
darl ferm: bass

Sadie Dupuis: rock 'n' roll camp counselor, poet, songwriter, snack enthusiast. If you don't already want to be her best friend based on that description, Dupuis' solo-moniker-turned-band Speedy Ortiz captures the nonsensical wit of , but is simultaneously ballsier and more self-deprecating. Also like , Speedy Ortiz inverts the idea of rock stardom, while also taking its twisted heft from , its bummer distortion from and its gleefully noisy pop sensibility from . The combination is somewhat familiar — but, unlike '90s-indebted bands that merely copy and paste, Speedy Ortiz retains the initial shiver and delight of its influences.
After a couple singles and the stellar Sports EP, Speedy Ortiz is set to release its debut album, Major Arcana; the oddly hummable "Tiger Tank" offers our first taste. Like a pack of Gushers, it's chewy at first, but then it explodes with toxic goo.

Growing up in Manhattan, Sadie Dupuis realized early that she wanted to be more than just another "earnest-singing, pretty-voiced frontwoman." Starting as a young teenager, she played shows as a solo act and with what she now describes as "shitty" bands, but felt misunderstood as her sound matured. "I would show up as a singer in the band, and the sound guys would turn the vocals so up, and the reverb so up," recalls Dupuis, 24. "They'd assume that if there's a woman fronting a band, it's going to be some kind of singer-songwriter project."

Today, Dupuis is writing her own rules as the leader of rising Northampton, Massachusetts indie-rock act Speedy Ortiz. On record, the four-piece band – which is about to release its debut full-length, Major Arcana – plays melodic yet abrasive lo-fi rock in tricky time signatures. At shows, Dupuis is a charismatic presence, hacking away at her guitar while she croons lackadaisically or outright shouts into the mic.

Speedy Ortiz's music has drawn many comparisons to acts like Pavement and Dinosaur Jr. But while Dupuis admits to modeling her vocals after Stephen Malkmus', "Nineties revivalists" is just another label this band isn't interested in. "Retro is a bummer tag," disheveled drummer Mike Falcone says over a beer before their set at New York's Cake Shop. "I think we sound like now." Guitarist Matt Robidoux agrees: "We're trying to bring variance to a tired form, which is rock & roll."

While the band has graduated from Northampton's no-fucks-given DIY scene to cool clubs in downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn, they still prefer playing free basement shows whenever possible. "People are just a lot more drunk," says bassist Darl Ferm. "The higher up on stage you are, the less connection you're probably going to have with the audience." Plus, stage shows don't allow the dedicated crowd to lift Robidoux up mid-guitar solo – which happened twice this past Saturday at the tiny Brooklyn venue Big Snow Buffalo Lodge.
The self-proclaimed "music nerds" possess a shy awkwardness that seems to run contrary to their heavy sound. Dupuis – an MIT dropout who works as a college writing instructor at University of Massachusetts, Amherst – writes cryptic, somewhat autobiographical lyrics that are marked by puns and double meanings. "Mirror, mirror on the floor/Which witch here's the biggest bore?" she sings on the track "Suck Buddies." "I'm not cool and I won't ever/Masturbate to that endeavor." "I'm kind of like a third-grade poet," she says. "I try to have some sense of humor when we're writing songs."

Major Arcana, inspired by a book Dupuis read about the history of the occult, has a loose black magic theme. Crowds at their upcoming summer tour will have no trouble singing along to "Plough," which spotlights Ferm's bass before boisterous drums and melodic guitars come together to nail the hook. The lyrics reference occult staples like sulfur and salt, telling a story about a creepy ex who "wants to burn all my candles, but it isn't for love/He wants to burn on his fingers, thinks I'm the one to do it/He wants to burn, it's freaking me out."

As Speedy Ortiz build a following, there's been some talk of the bandmates quitting their day jobs. (Robidoux is a classically-trained guitarist who teaches music to middle- and high school-aged special education students; Falcone is a librarian-in-training and radio show host; and Ferm is a Wesleyan film studies grad putting in shifts grilling hot dogs at a Shake Shack.) "It would be great to play music as a day job, but I don't know how feasible that is in 2013," says Dupuis. Plus, she adds, "It's kind of nice to be grounded in the regular world."

Mike Huguenor (Vocals, Guitar)
Bob Vielma (Bass, Vocals)
Matt Keegan (Guitar, Vocals)
Jon Fu (Drums)

Shinobu is an American indie rock band from the California Bay Area. Its members include Bob Vielma on bass guitar, Jon Fu on drums, Matt Keegan on guitar and trombone, and Mike Huguenor on vocals and guitar. Matt Keegan also plays in the band Bomb the Music Industry, and Mike Huguenor plays in Classics of Love, and Hard Girls. In 2006 Shinobu put out "Worstward Ho!" on Asian Man Records, their first release with distribution. They have played with acts such as Xiu Xiu, Sage Francis, and Ted Leo/the Pharmacists. Shinobu is also part of the Phat 'n' Phunky Phamily, with members playing in local acts such as "The Runaway 5", "Taft's Brigade", "The Satans" and "The Rap$callionz". They are well known throughout the area for their "Cuddle Shows", which have featured a mix of Phat 'n' Phunky acts and touring bands such as Andrew Jackson Jihad, "Keyboard" and legendary Japanese punk rockers the Ging Nang Boyz.

Wild Moth

Thoughtful and sludgy post-punk with a heavy dose of melodicism. Wild Moth truly embody the DIY aesthetic and have energized San Francisco's fluorishing punk scene. "Wild Moth play a visceral, noisey, and discordant style of post punk. This four song 7" inch is the band's latest release and let me just say that it kicks ass on so many different levels. Wild Moth pair unbridled punk aggression, with a melancholic vocal delivery and tie the whole package together with fuzzed out, reverb drenched guitars that wash over the listener, leaving you wanting more...Highly recommended! Enjoy!"

Noisy, loud, dark, and experimental would be the descriptions you would add after you told someone that Wild Moth was an indie band. And they do kind of fall into the indie genre with their upbeat parts and catchy songwriting, but they also have so much more going on. It's something you can't really explain, you just need to listen.