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Wednesday July 31 2013
 9:00PM -- doors at 8:30PM ••• 21 AND OVER
Al Lover‎
 electronic experimental instrumental psychedelic
Coo Coo Birds
 Rock n’ Roll
Face Tat
 electronic darkwave post-rock
Bubblegum Crisis‎
 techno trash Pop

Al Lover
Al Lover is a producer from San Francisco. Over the last few years he has gained much notoriety for his melding of garage and psychedelic rock into spacey boom bap style hip hop instrumentals. Combining crunchy drums, shaky percussion, chopped samples from genres unexplored by most producers, and the use of multiple effect pedals, Al Lover has created a sound all his own.


Coo Coo Birds
Its all starts with THE CAT.  Jonny Cat put the Coo Coo Birds together initially; calling them “Jonny Cat and the Coo Coo Birds” and playing with various members of the gypsy jazz community in SF.  Not untill he booked his infamous Friday Afternoon Residency at the legendary Condor Club- a notorious strip bar in North Beach- did he attract the attention of the next player Coo Coo enough to rock n roll with the band…
…Enter CHUCK aka CG, aka the Rock n’ Roll Monster.  Having already established himself as one of the best Psych/Garage producers in the SF Scene, Chuck dug the Cat Sound immediately and started recording Jonny’s early demos in his vintage studio. But something was still missing…
 …An Animal! A Rock n’ Roll Animal, to be exact- aka ZWENG.  Busy writing novels in France and recording solo albums in LA, the Animal awoke from dreams in Normandy seeing vissions of the Cat, and knew to fly back to SF as soon as he was asked to fill in on drums durring a strip club gig. After one jam the bond was sealed.  The Coo Coo Birds were formed, and they began forging their uniquely viscous and listenable rock n’ roll style immediately.


Face Tat
Mark P. Mike G.
Music. Persons. Beats.

Bubblegum Crisis
Harrison Pollock