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Saturday August 10 2013
 9:30PM -- doors at 8:30PM ••• 21 AND OVER
 Indie Rock, Modern Rock/Alternative
Space Waves
from LA & SF now, Portland before
 electronic, indie
In Letter Form 
Other / Coldwave / Minimal

 on Vibraphone Records

Joe Bates - bass
Colin Popaduik ? - drums
Dean Tomihira - voice, guitar, synth

Two generations ago a Japanese musician named Tomihira left his hometown to fight and die for his country on the battlefields of World War Two. Thirty years later his grandson Dean would be born, not in Japan, but in the country Tomihira had gone to war against. While young Dean's upbringing was a world away from his grandfather's, he has been gifted with the same love of music as the man whose name he now proudly calls his own.

Space Waves
Sarah, Kelley, Mark

 on Mindwave
You Can Ride A Beam Of Light Like A Musical Strum is the second full-length album from Space Waves, to be released in 2013. The core duo of Sarah and Kelley Bourland are joined by Mark Loftin (Foxtail Somersault, Morning Spy, Shawerma) on drums for this album. Drums, bass, and initial guitar tracks were all recorded live by Kelley over a weekend, with additional guitar, vocals, flute and tenor steel pan added later. In this spirit of capturing a live performance, two previously released songs, "Shadowtree" and "In the Shadows," were re-recorded for this album. The title of the album was received during a communication with Sarah's childhood cat through pet psychic Laura Stinchfield on her radio show.

In Letter Form
Eric Miranda (vocals, keyboards, guitars)
James Levis (guitars)
Peter Dosanjh (bass)
Josh Manion (drums)

Within a two story brick studio, among San Francisco's industrial anonymity, brought together by chance or by fate, sit two men. Drawing influence from the works of The (early) Cure, Joy Division, Bauhaus, New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, Interpol et al, they produce a sound that echoes the past, haunts the present and is constantly in the future.
Within a train track rhythm, the low end clinging to the rails, the synthesizers swell to a fevered pitch. The cold shimmering guitars surround a baritone voice that sings alone in a crowded room.
Reflecting on past deeds; some well intentioned while others, not. The ways we had been wronged or the choice to see it that way because sometimes that's easier than the truth.
The prose and cons of having thin skin to protect a thick heart. Put "in letter form" perhaps? A love letter? An anti love letter? Hate mail? A photograph? A song? An exclamation of the joy of life? A suicide note?

All of the above; In Letter Form.