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Tuesday August 20 2013
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
Save KUSF Benefit
The She's
 Surfy Garage Pop
The Yes Go's 
 80s punk, garage rock
False Priest
punk wilco

The She's
Sami Bass, vocals
Hannah vocals
Eva Guitar,vocals
Sinclair Drums

The SHE'S are four natives of San Francisco who grew up as best friends in a city brimming with music. Inspired by their surroundings, each other, boredom and surfer boys, they began writing and performing their own brand of west-coast-garage-pop. They have played with touring bands such as GIRLS, The Morning Benders, Magic Kids, and Dominant Legs.

A recent write up in The Bay Bridged sums up what many have said:

"We have reported on The She’s in these (web) pages on several occasions, so of this night let us say primarily this: you can scratch “teen” off in front of “band.” This is one of the best bands in town, period. Their songwriting, their vocal arrangements, their tight playing and their polished yet completely unspoiled, cheery stage presence put them head and shoulders above volumes of their drinking-age peers."

The SHE'S first full length record was released on November 29th, 2011.

The Yes Go's
Sophie Vogel, guitar, vocals; Lester Moore, drums, vocals; Djuna Gray, bass, vocals.
Sophie Vogel, the lead singer of the Yes Go's, polished her guitar-playing skills and harmonies in the '80s cover band Like Totally. She decided to kick it up a notch and took voice lessons. Her teacher suggested that she start jamming with drummer Lester Moore, and they performed for a few years as a duo.

At one gig, they were on a showcase with the gothic band Betty Black. That's when they met their bass player, Djuna Gray, who joined the band in 2006. It was a triangle of synchronicity, time and hard work that is finally paying off for the Yes Go's.

Vogel's voice is reminiscent of many New Wave female front women, and the Yes Go's have created a unique blend of '80s punk with a stripped-down garage rock sound.

False Priest
evan greenwald
sam forester
False Priest started as the solo project of Evan Greenwald of Handshake.
false priest is a band from novato california. it consists of evan on the guitars and vocals and sam on the basses and whichever unfortunate souls have been levied the duration. they met in high school but currently go to the universities in different places so they don't play too many shows but evan writes a lot of songs and they try to record most of them. listen, you're alright. thanks for reading this, by the way. but actually we brought you here because we care about you and you need help. you have a serious problem, man, and honestly, it's freaking us out. we wrote a couple songs about it, hopefully they'll cheer you up :) but know this: we love you too much not to let you change.