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Wednesday August 21 2013
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
2K13 Cream Cone Tour with...
Bad Weather California‎‎‎‎
blend of rockabilly, surf rock, indie rock and fundamental pop
Klezmer/ Reverb Soaked Noise Pop
Skating Polly‎‎‎‎‎
pop, riot grrrl, indie, punk

Bad Weather California
BWC gives you that feeling that we got from the music that we all grew up with as American wasteland kids. Music that got into your blood during those fragile and formative years. The soundtracks to when you first tried drugs, ditched school, had sex, became who you are. Teenage sound tracks. Mini Movies about us all. The pop music from your fragile years. When ever those years may have been.
For BWC it was 80s-90s punk music that didn’t sound like ‘punk’ music. Dino Jr., Sonic Youth, Meat Puppets etc... For other people it was Billy Idol, Prince, The Cars. To each their own. THIS is AMERICAN music.
THIS is a part of the fabric that is American pop art.  

“One dude was like, ‘What kind of music are you guys?’ I was like, ‘In-and-out-burger.’ We’re from the desert near the border of Utah and Colorado. It aint cool here. Don’t move here. It’s hot. You’ll burn up. We’re burned out. BLEACH BOYS. We play shows out in the desert. Shit gets wild. Oh yeah. We’ve toured with the Meat Puppets, Akron Family, The Lucky Dragons… And we were once Daniel Johnston’s backing band. So… we’re cool?” –Chris Drakala (BWC Guitar)
Bad Weather California has been one of our favorite local bands for a while. The Denver quartet of Chris Adolf, Adam Baumeister, Joe Sampson and Logan Corcoran is woven deep into the fabric of the local scene while still routinely venturing far beyond the Front Range. Its blend of rockabilly, surf rock, indie rock and fundamental pop is a combination that feels retro yet contemporary, alternative yet accessible, artistic yet, well, fun.

Sauna is a co-ed teenage garage-pop band from Denver whose ramshackle surf-guitar attack has all the goofy charm you’d expect from a band with that description.
CJ: guitar/being sad
Ethan: bass/whining about girls
Sammi: drums/yelling
Molly: vocals/crooning

Born from toxic sludge leaked from the Beach Boys' amps.

Guitars will be broken, drum kits will topple, and fun will be had.

Skating Polly
We are Peyton and Kelli. We sound kind of like Babes in Toyland, Bikini Kill, Beat Happening, Regina Spektor, Kimya Dawson and Nirvana.
We have some loud punk sounding songs and some quiet songs too. .

CJ: guitar/being sad
Ethan: bass/whining about girls
Sammi: drums/yelling
Molly: vocals/crooning


Born from an impromptu jam at a Halloween party in 2009, Skating Polly is a punk/rock/pop duo made up of stepsisters Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse. On their forthcoming sophomore album Lost Wonderfuls (produced by Exene Cervenka and mixed by Flaming Lips drummer Kliph Scurlock), the Oklahoma City-based band reveals itself as a wildly vital force in the resurrection and reinvention of classic punk rock.

Raised on ‘70s punk and early-‘90s alt-rock, Mayo (age 12) and Bighorse (17) mine inspiration from artists as disparate as Johnny Cash, The Ramones, NWA, Nirvana, and Bikini Kill and saturate their own songs with a raw energy reminiscent of their musical heroes. Skating Polly takes a minimalist approach to songwriting, with the two largely self-taught musicians (Bighorse plays guitar, Mayo plays a guitar/bass hybrid called a basitar, and both girls play drums and piano) crafting super-catchy melodies mainly by “messing around with our instruments and figuring out how to make cool noises,” according to Bighorse. But despite their stripped-down aesthetic, each track on Lost Wonderfuls retains a rich emotionalism that’s at turns brutally in-your-face, gut-wrenchingly tender, and irresistibly fun.

Along with earning the adoration of Cervenka (whom they befriended after attending one of the X singer’s 2010 solo shows and playing their demos on a cell phone), Skating Polly has found fans in Rosanne Cash and Sean Lennon, taken the stage with punk legends like Mike Watt, and opened up for such indie heavy-hitters as Deerhoof and Band of Horses. Tapping Mayo’s dad as their tour manager, the stepsisters typically hit the road with their entire family and optimize their travel time by making up songs on their ukulele, having secret conversations in sign language, and—most recently—studying Mandarin Chinese in hopes of touring in China within the next year.

With aspirations of “bringing back riot grrrl,” both Mayo and Bighorse are intent on ignoring what’s fashionable and staying true to their passion for challenging music with long-lasting appeal. “The musicians we’re most inspired by are the ones who keep on going and going, who devote their entire lives to coming up with new and different stuff,” says Mayo. “A lot of times at our shows people will come up to us and tell us, ‘Keep on doing what you’re doing, don’t ever stop’ and we’re just like, ‘Yeah—we weren’t planning on ever stopping.”