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Wednesday September 4 2013
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• 21 AND OVER
City Deluxe
 rock n roll
The Insufferables
EP CD release‎
 indie rock
Rocketship Rocketship!‎
 Surf/Rockabilly/atomic rock n roll

City Deluxe  
Jason - Sings
Toby - Guit's
Gemma - Bass
Scott - Drums
Andy - Strums
from Oakland
Knickerbocker ripping rock n roll that will literally blow minds with originality.

The Insufferables
from San Francisco
Members: Keith Insufferable, vocals; Gene Michal, lead guitar; Carolyn Insufferable, guitar/vocals; Ram Fenster, bass/guitar/vocals; Mel Insufferable, drums.
Sounds Like: New York Dolls, REM, The Smithereens, The Cramps, The National

Cutting to the chase, the Insufferables can be described, after extensive analysis, as a schizophrenic blend of the New York Dolls, REM and the Smithereens. They present jangle and crunch guitars, frequently in the same song, and unusually articulate vocals in the idiom of Lux interior or Standard Ridgeway that convey our important messages of love, animal welfare and deviant sexual practice. They were formed in 2009 by a handful of San Francisco music geeks.

The lead singer, Keith Insufferable, is an unfrozen caveman story-teller and bartender who delivers a broad range of American vocal styles from Country to Blues to lounge to California punk, and really wants you to get it.

Carolyn Insufferable, formerly guitarist for the seminal punk bands The Profalactics and The Varve, plays highly distorted rhythm guitar often in the correct key and sings backups like she will not be allowed to sing again.

Gene Insufferable, who formerly played classical guitar mostly for his cat, plays crisp arpeggios and leads for those jangle songs, and channels Johnny Thunders for the other nasty songs.

Ram Fenster plays bass, rhythm guitar, djembe and backup vocals. We are trying to get him to play more sh*t like maybe a saxophone or marimba.

Mel Insufferable, our drummer, is known for her unusual technical drumming and for being the worlds smallest adult drummer, while paradoxically eating her own body weight in food every two days.

"Fire Bad!!" released by Fargen Icehole Records. CD release party at the Bottom on the Hill on Sept. 4, 2013. The EP is available for sale on itunes, and for streaming on pandora, spotify, rhapsody, rdio, simfy, nokia, xbox live zune, amazon on demand, emusic, wimp, google play, deezer, VerveLife, iheart radio, my space music, media net, mule, and sony music unlimited.

Our EP “Fire Bad!!” is released on July 20, 2013 by Fargen Icehole Records. We are thrilled to announce our EP release party has been set up on Wednesday, Sept 4, 2013 at one of San Francisco’s best clubs and on our personal bucket lists: The Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. Wednesday is the new Friday!

The EP is already available for sale on itunes , and for streaming on pandora, spotify, rhapsody, rdio, simfy, nokia, xbox live zune, amazon on demand, emusic, wimp, google play, deezer, VerveLife, iheart radio, my space music, media net, mule, sony music unlimited and ReverbNation. If you listen to streaming radio, please select us as a station or ‘like us’ when we come up in the streams. Help us out! This will help us get more and better gigs, such as on Friday and Saturday nights, and thereby give Keith someone to sing to.

We have also sent a CD to the best college radio stations—so call them up and request something really insufferable! You might be able to buy a CD at our live shows if you can pry one out of our proud hands.

The individual songs are : Cats who drive Cars, Whiskey Dreams, Mabel and Lullaby.

The songs were produced, mixed and mastered by Andrew Fried. Mabel was mixed by Kristofer Hall.

Rocketship Rocketship!
Miss Summer-Guitar Vox
Scott Blank- Drums
Tony Velour- Bass
San Francisco based power trio Rocketship Rocketship brings a tight twist to this galaxy with their rowdy and danceable brand of Atomic Rock and Roll! Growling lead vocalist Marvelous Miss Summer wields a wicked surfabilly guitar, Scotty Blank punishes the skins for that driving beat, and Mr. Tony Velour lays down the bottom end on the doghouse bass. Capturing the sounds of early rock, revved up rockabilly, punk, and surf...Rocketship Rocketship will blast you out of this world!