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Saturday September 14 2013
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:30PM ••• ALL AGES
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
Big Tree‎‎‎‎‎
 indie pop psychedelia
Ghost Tiger‎‎‎‎
 Folk Rock, Indie

Big Tree
kaila mcintyre-bader
anna ghezzi
dan pirello
luke bace
matt schory


For five years, Big Tree wandered back and forth across the country, building homes on both East and West Coasts while spreading music to everyone in between. New Englanders swear that Big Tree sounds like the crunching of autumnal leaves under heavy boots, while listeners closer to the Pacific will tell you the songs are made more of sunshine and the crashing of waves. In January of 2012, Big Tree ended up in Berkeley, CA and hasn't left since, quickly becoming a staple of the blossoming Bay Area music scene.

Big Tree's music has spanned two full length records, and their latest self-release, Little EP (recorded and produced by Eli Crews- tUnE-yArDs, Deerhoof) provides a snapshot of the band moving into the next stage of their evolution. Kaila McIntyre-Bader (vox, keys), Anna Ghezzi (vox, percussion), Luke Bace (bass, vox), Dan Pirello (guitar), and Matt Schory (drums) create songs that have been called "anthemic," "luscious," and "stunning," and tap into organic folk, greasy blues, and ambient indie rock. After 5 years of near constant performing, Big Tree's live show stands alone in it's own right, taking the audience on a journey that starts with the bopping of heads and the tugging of heart-strings and often ends with a sweaty dance party and raucous sing-alongs.

With summer on the horizon, the band has a busy season ahead with a string of performance dates spanning both coasts, the launch of several new music videos, and session time at San Francisco's beloved Tiny Telephone Studios to begin work on a new forthcoming EP.

"Californian folk-pop quintet Big Tree is a band of massive sounds, funky danceable chords and hypnotic vocal harmonies. Sounding passionate, cheerful and sensual simultaneously is a skill hard to perfect, but Big Tree has it down to a fine art....Rich and full bodied with vocal harmonies that carry you to far off lands, Big Tree is a complete pleasure to listen to." -RIght Chord Music 12/17/2012


"Feathertips" // Waterstrider has it figured out; world domination through the performance of world music. "Feathertips" opens with a catchy synth melody, which is accompanied by a mellow, picked guitar riff and drum pattern that emphasizes the upbeats. After Clayton, Alex, Sean, and Walker lay the groundwork, Nate effortlessly glides across the upper register singing about love, reality, feathers, the sky, togetherness, and fingertips. As the drums pump on, Alex adds a little pull-off riff as the song vamps until the end, forcing us to press play once again.
The group is particularly fun to see live. If you're in the Bay Area, be sure to catch this show. Sean, who can rip through a flute better than Ron Burgundy, is our favorite to watch.

Waterstrider is an indie/world music collective that traces its roots back to a co-op in the hills of Berkeley, CA. Their style ranges from incredibly delicate to intensely polyrhythmic as they pull influences from Afro-Beat, Indie, and music from around the world. Learn more about them as we do a deep-dive into their formation, sonic textures, and future plans below.
Waterstrider are a 6 piece band located in Berkeley, CA who so far have released 2 EP’s of music that brings instant comfort when you hear it. Their lastest EP Wind-Fed Fire is where “Water & Stone” is from and I think is a good start for you to get acquainted.
Ranging from melancholic and dreamy to foot-‐stomping revelry, Waterstrider fills their songs with sincerity, sadness, and joy. Sweeping three part vocal harmonies and addicting guitar licks abound. This is music you hear while exploring a windy beach or stumbling out of a tangled forest into a fire dance of magical creatures. Waterstrider is rhythmic nature pop played with soul.

Ghost Tiger

    Alixandra Macmillam-Fiedel Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
    Chris Norlinger Lead guitar, Vocals
    Kevin Evans Bass, Vocals
    Emma Huston Keys, Vocals
    Chris Stansell Drums, Percussion
After playing around Santa Barbara in a variety of projects, a group of friends came together in 2011 as Ghost Tiger. Frustrated with the limitations of working as a solo-singer songwriter, frontwoman Alixandra
Macmillan-Fiedel started looking for new ways to expand her sound with members Kevin Evans, Christopher Norlinger, Emma Huston and Chris Stansell. Collaboration is key for the eclectic group. Coming from a variety of musical backgrounds, the band combines old and new flavors in a synthesis of four-part harmony, atmospheric sound and soulful vocals that culminate in a refreshing approach to indie-rock.