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Thursday September 19 2013
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$12 in advance / $14 at the door
Body Language‎‎‎‎‎
 Psychedelic / Soul / Tropical / Pop/Rock
 catchy melancholy electronic pop
Pale Blue Dot‎‎‎‎‎

Body Language
matthew young
grant wheeler
angelica bess
ian chang

Stepping out of the DIY basement scene and onto the dance floors of New York City, Body Language delivers an album sure to keep the mood light on any occasion. Originating from weekly dance party remixes created by band members Grant Wheeler, Matt Young, and the soulful Angelica Bess, the electro-pop quartet out of Brooklyn combines dance, funk, soul, and a hint of pop into one psychedelic music genre in its own. Recently on tour with Zero 7, and appearing with La Roux, Passion Pit, and Little Boots, Body Language continues to produce energetic dance beats as well as a mellow, soulful sound. 

“Obviously inspired by fellow Brooklynites Dirty Projectors, this multiracial quartet cuts down on the art rock, gets busier with the R&B, and floats twinkling glockenspiel and twee boy/girl harmonies over bin-rattling booty bottom.”  – SPIN

 You can listen to the streaming of their new record (that comes out on 9/10) here, at Hype Machine:
 And here is music and video from previous Body Language stuff:

Jamie Leffler, Robert Cepeda, and Jerrod Bettis

"...catchy melancholy pop with twinkling electronics that could be sung by thousands during a festival twilight in the near future." - RCRD LBL

"While DWNTWN lacks vowels, the track ("Transition") achieves supersonic consonance, marrying a Top 40 prechorus reminiscent of Sky's "ONE" with an ethereal chorus flaunting ice cold synths that sound as if they crash landed from the uncharted planet of M83." - NEON GOLD

“See My Eyes” is a work of synth-pop precision, dreamy but not delirious, breathy but not breathless, sweet but not oversaturated." - BUZZ BANDS LA

Pale Blue Dot
Pale Blue Dot is the brainchild of Oakland’s own Adam Myatt, a key affiliate of the Mapzzz crew and a tireless Oakland music man who has put in countless hours as one-half of James & Evander and served as a key member of Hoodcats, Empty Pockets, and a host of other projects. With Mapzzz EP19, Myatt debuts his latest synthy concoction, enlisting the aid of guitarist Jonny Latimer and bassist Andrew Macy (both of which are noteworthy Bay Area musicians in their own right) to craft spiraling pieces of space-age disco-pop as Pale Blue Dot. The EP’s two original tracks are fun and lighthearted instrumentals, but don’t let the playful melodies fool you—these are dense and engrossing tracks that gradually lead the listener from driving disco beats to stoney synthscapes with an understated ease.

The East Bay trio known as Pale Blue Dot does not necessarily self-identify as a “supergroup,” but I went there anyway. Comprised of members of James & Evander, The Aimless Never Miss, and B. Hamilton, what else would you call it?
“There may be a few Bay Area music nerds who know our other bands, but we’d hardly call it a supergroup,” says Adam Myatt, also of James & Evander. “We’re three somewhat-like-minded musicians/friends from Oakland, who met playing shows in various bands together, and like to think of this current project as Carl Sagan-inspired disco.”
You read that right, folks: “Carl Sagan-inspired disco.” So now would probably be a good time to hit you with Pale Blue Dot’s first track. Here’s “Voyage”, which does indeed ride a disco-ish beat, but there’s so much more here to like – crystalline guitar lines, spacey synths (hence the Carl Sagan, I’m guessing), and a grooving, bouncy bass line.

“We’re hoping people are drawn into our groovitational pull"

 .Pale Blue Dot.