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Friday November 22 2013
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:30PM ••• ALL AGES
Panic Is Perfect
 quirky eclectic indie dance pop
Bent Shapes
 hyphy nrrrd pop

Darren Weiss, Daniel Presant
 ---from Encino / Los Angeles
Even before the future of critically praised San Francisco indie-rock band Girls was thrown into uncertainty, when singer Christopher Owens quit last month, drummer Darren Weiss knew that his side-project PAPA was more important to him.

Following a year of touring and recording with both Girls and PAPA, an indie-rock and soul project with bassist Danny Presant, he decided in January that he could not continue at his current pace and stay healthy.

“There just came a point where I had to go one way or the other,” the Los Angeles drummer-vocalist said. “I decided early on that, as much as I loved being part of (Girls), there was never a doubt of which road I was going to take if I was forced to decide. The truth of the matter is I had left Girls about six months ago because of touring conflicts with PAPA.”

Weiss and Presant have been friends since they were 7 and 8 years old, and they had played in several bands together. PAPA (the name stems from Weiss’ nickname for his grandfather) originated a few years ago while both lived in New York. At that point, Weiss had just left Los Angeles band Dawes.

The two moved back to Los Angeles two years ago. The touring lineup includes a keyboardist and guitarist; various people including Weiss’ brother have filled those roles.

“I definitely feel that our time in New York is a huge part of this band and the things we write about, but we’ve been in L.A. for a long time,” Weiss said. “We’re an L.A. band and a duo, but all those things are open to change.”

Of course, Weiss also has a relationship with San Francisco as drummer for Girls, and PAPA recorded one of the songs off its EP (A Good Woman is Hard to Find, released in fall 2011), at a studio in the Mission. The producer was Girls’ bassist J.R. White.

“I’ve been told that no other patron has stayed at the Phoenix Hotel more than I have,” said Weiss of the hotel popular with not-yet-rich musicians. “When we were doing rehearsals and recording the Girls album in the Tenderloin, that was the zone that I was most familiar with. It certainly gave me a different taste of things, but even in a weird way, there’s certain things I grew to love about that neighborhood.”

Panic Is Perfect
Mike Hoffman, Jeremey Belzer, Jorge Mendez, Ty Parker, Joey Hassid
Incorporating afro – pop rhythms, retro synthesized sounds with well crafted song writing and pseudo-spiritual lyrical sensibilities Panic is Perfect has created their own brand of quirky eclectic indie dance pop.
Jeremy Belzer and Mike Hoffman officially started the group as an acoustic duo while traveling in south India together in the spring of 2010. Since then the San Francisco based group has evolved into the 5-piece band it is today. They are currently working in the studio on their debut album.

Bent Shapes
Andy | Supriya | Ben
Bent Shapes is Andy Sadoway, Ben Potrykus, and Supriya Gunda. Since forming under the name Girlfriends in 2009, the Boston trio has released a string of cassettes and 7”s full of fuzzy garage, frantic jangle pop, and scrappy post-punk on various labels (including band members’ own imprints). The band’s myriad of influences reference touchstones like Josef K, The Feelies, Jonathan Richman, Billy Childish, and The Fall.
Bent Shapes 'Feels Weird' is available on vinyl/CD/digital now, since August 20th 2013.