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Wednesday December 18 2013
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$10 in advance / $12 at the door 
 from Sweden
 post-punk rock
TV Ghost
G. Green
 post punk

Andreas Lagerström, Anton Strandberg, Anton Spetze, Filip Spetze
 ---from Stockholm, Sweden
A year plus on after the release of their debut LP, Sweden’s Holograms have returned with their second full length, Forever. After a year and a half of touring, losing their jobs, parts of their sanity and returning home only with the hope that their hard work will eventually pay off, they embarked on a new record drawing from the experiences that had simultaneously excited and exhausted the members.
Frontmen Andreas Lagerström (vocals/bass) and Anton Strandberg (drums) still live in working class Farsta, 5 miles (8 kilometers) south of urbane and metropolitan Stockholm while the brothers’ Spetze (Anton: vocals/guitar, Filip: synth) still live at home. This isolation and boredom after their first international tours led the group to further mature and grow their sound into a record far more cohesive and “big-sounding” than their debut. The band aimed to capture the feeling of music being played in a church or temple, “like a mass…procession, or eulogy” as clearly demonstrated on closing track “Lay Us Down.” Though matured and experienced, the band’s youthful energy and DiY/Punk upbringing is still upfront and in full effect with the caustic “A Sacred State,” the melodic attack of “Rush,” or the unbridled mass-of-energy-cut-loose of “A Blaze on the Hillside.” Clearly, Holograms show no signs of slowing down the excitement and aggression of their original sound, something to delight their growing audience in this current world of arrogant sonic about-faces on sophomore albums.
Forever is more than the next set of songs from Holograms. It’s a fully realized album that fans will relish for years to come. Songwriting and anthemic choruses as classic as the William Bouguereau painting they chose as the basis of their cover, though presented in a new and exciting way. A way perhaps best described with Holograms’ own words for the essence of their music “, honesty, heart and spirit."

TV Ghost
Jimmy Frezza
Tim Gick
Brahne Hoeft
Tristan Ivas
Jackson VanHorn
 ---from Indiana
TV Ghost's practice of coaptation began in the winter of 2006, when the young virtuosos birthed a disheveled, experimental noise nurtured by raw ambition. The avant-garde sound led them to the beginning stages of their career, releasing a single, Atomic Rain B/W Bird Flu, with Die Stasi Records in 2007 (youngest member only 14). In the same year they issued a self-titled 12", again, with Die Stasi. One year later they were signed with In The Red Records out of Los Angeles, California. In July of 2009, In The Red released their debut album, Cold Fish, evoking a sinsister ambiance with terror-stricken waves of guitar and discomforting vocals. Two years after Cold Fish, their sophomore album, Mass Dream, made clear of the maturity and experience they had gained as individual musicians; with less erraticism, rage, and scuzz, it produced grotesque articulation with a darker mood. Although, often compared to early-Echo and The Bunnymen and/or The Cramps, due to Gick's lamenting vocals, it is rather cheap to associate them with such proverbial post-punk legends. TV Ghost is obstensibly their own and if there must be a comparison they would be the children of horror soundtracks bound to dreams; steadily innovating and evolving their sound with age, Disconnect breaks the barrier for these Midwest boys.
Indiana’s TV Ghost went from wiry and nervous on their 2009 debut Cold Fish to moody and spooky on 2011’s Mass Dream. Now it appears more dark clouds have moved in. “Elevator,” from their forthcoming LP Disconnect, is perhaps the most atmospheric tune they’ve done yet. A swarm of reverberating guitars surround Tim Gick’s trembling voice, recalling the way early Echo and the Bunnymen could make single notes become endless waves. The sonic hall of mirrors expands as the track progresses, as each sound seems to spawn reflections of itself. But TV Ghost haven’t gotten lost in shadows yet. “Elevator” retains the post-punk churn that has always made their music more unsettling than dramatic-- more like a blurry amateur horror movie than an ornate gothic painting.

G. Green
Andrew- Guitar, Voice
Liz- Drums, Voice
Mike- Guitar, Voice
Simi- Bass, Voice

Four piece band with a weird name living in Sacramento, Oakland, and SF. Started in 2009 not knowing how to properly play instruments or write a song with more than one part. Dealt with a dozen line up changes and romantic breakups. In 2011 we finally fell into the perfect lineup and its been rock and roll smooth sailing since.