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Saturday January 4 2014
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• 21 AND OVER
$12 and up (sliding scale)
Benefit for Alan Forbes
           ------------------Black Cobra canceled
Lecherous Gaze
 Psycho-delic shred-tastic ultra-hyphened rock-punk heavy jams
Acid King       ------------------Pins Of Light canceled
 stoner metal
 punk, hardcore
DJ Big Nate  
MC Parker Gibbs

This event will also have a silent auction.

To donate to the silent auction, please contact

On Monday, October 21st, our great friend and world-acclaimed rock poster artist Alan Forbes was attacked in the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco. The attack left him with two skull fractures and damage to his right eye. As do a lot of artists, he has no insurance to cover the growing medical expenses. To help cover the medical expenses there are two benefit shows set up in San Francisco, as well as other fundraisers.

Lecherous Gaze 
Graham Clise, Chris Grande, Noel Sullivan and Zaryan Zaidi.
-From Oakland, California.
-Madness. Dementia. Raw terror. Oozing forth from a festering sore on the recently buried corpse of ultra-sick, Californian sleaze-rock legends Annihilation Time, comes the ear-mauling, noisy, insanity-soaked musical mayhem of Lecherous Gaze. The self-proclaimed "#1 rockin' band in the entire world," Lecherous Gaze is like the prow of a mighty ship cutting through a sea of turd, carrying on the legacy of bands like the MC5 and Black Flag to bring dangerously heavy rock back to the masses. Their debut album, On The Skids, was recorded in Oakland's Earhammer Studios (Ghoul, Saviours) and is an up-tempo firebomb of awesome riffage, wailing solos, '70s fuzz tone guitar and grade-A, no BS rock 'n' roll. Their material is a malestromic mixture of heavy rock riffs, punk snarl attitude and Zep-like attention to detail comes across like a hesher's record collection melted together into one crushing slab of volcanic rock that leaves nothing but burning embers and ringing ears. Harsh and heavy, Lecherous Gaze play destructively nasty music for fiendish people.

Acid King      ------------------Pins Of Light canceled

Roadie, Larry, Curly, and Moe.
-From Oakland, California.
-Kicker is a punk band from Oakland. Featuring current and past members of Neurosis, Filth, and Dystopia, along with veteran road dog Roadie on vocals. We're here to drink your beer, eat your chips and bludgeon your ears with punk.

Kicker's impressive pedigree shines through at every performance, as each member has years of experience playing crust punk and metal for bands all across the notoriety spectrum. Their character and history reaches a climax with their dynamic frontman, Pete the Roadie, a salt-of-the-earth punk that has roadied for every band from Chumbawumba to Fugazi to Neurosis. The members' past and anecdotes shape the band's image, rooting it deeply and firmly in some of the most vicious and poignant punk you can hear.