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Wednesday January 15 2014
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
Connan Mockasin
Disappearing People
 experimental lo-fi psychedelic punk
Faux Canada
 electronic indie pop rock

Connan Mockasin 
-From Te Awanga, New Zealand.
-Some musicians know where they're from and where they're going, and why. Others, such as Connan Mockasin, can only work from instinct, not only disinterested in the bigger picture as unable to see it. Take Mockasin's first album, Forever Dolphin Love, which he only wrote and recorded because his mother suggested it. Or his new album, Caramel, triggered because he liked the onomatopoeic quality of the word, and the music and words just followed.

This helps explain the evolution from the labyrinthine, oddball-psych of Forever Dolphin Love to Caramel's equally inventive and unique brand of mutated, lustrous soul, almost wholly self-recorded over a month in a Tokyo hotel room. Mockasin remains what Clash Music called "a true cosmonaut of inner space," but the new material explores different regions of his galaxy, not just soul but a liquefied brew of blues, funk, ambient and folk with pronounced Oriental and Gallic timbres, all laced with an uncanny air of bliss.

Disappearing People
Landon Monroe Bates and Scott Travis Johnston
-From Oakland, California.

-Disappearing People are a new two-piece lo-fi group out of Oakland. The duo have just put out their first cassette release Dissolve which was self-recorded and then mastered by Greg Ashley (of Gris Gris). The six-song release is full of lengthy lo-fi psych tracks with whirling reverberated vocals over dark, grungy and hazy guitars and loops.

Faux Canada
Elizabeth Brooks-Sigala, David Lean, Alejandro Soini.
-From San Francisco, California.

-Faux Canada is a new SF indie pop rock group from members of My First Earthquake, Sir Salvatore, and Likker. They grew up with the sounds of classic indie rock but also love the synth stylings of today. The result is a scrumtrulescent blend of old and new, like an AMC Gremlin with a hover conversion.