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Sunday January 26 2014
 7:00PM doors -- music at 8:00PM ••• ALL AGES
Wagons West Tour
The Winter Of Our Discotheque Tour

Red City Radio


 punk rock
Direct Hit!

 pop punk 

Red City Radio
Paul Pendley, Garrett Dale, Jonathan Knight, Dallas Tidwell.
-From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
-From guitarist/vocalist Paul Pendley: "In late 2005 I had given up on music. I was feeling uninspired and jaded celebrating my new found self pity with healthy doses of cynicism and bourbon. I even started to contemplate the unimaginable possiblity of selling all of my musical gear in addition to my beloved vinyl collection. For no other reason than I thought I didn't need it anymore. Then we started Red City Radio.

This band is the result of four individuals coming together for their collective good. We've all fronted our own bands. We've all been stage center with guitar in hand belting out the songs we wrote at the show we booked, hoping to sell some shirts we designed. The difference now is that we as a collective are greater than the sum of our parts. We are all in, all of the time. No chief songwriter. No ego trips. No unilateral decisions. We are a unit, a machine, a brotherhood. And at the end of the day is there anyone else you would want to spend 100,000 miles on the road with? If you're reading this you know where we are coming from. And if you listen to our music you'll know who we are. Cheers."

Tim Browne, Joe Henderer, Garrett Carr, and Brian Van Proyen.
-From Fort Collins, Colorado.
-Elway is an American punk band from Fort Collins, CO. Their sound is a unique and inebriated take on a time-tested formula: aggressive punk rock with soaring melodies coupled with lyrics ranging from that of the sad sap to the indignant atheist with a bevy of homespun dick jokes.

Direct Hit!
Nick Woods, Danny Walkowiak, Devon Kay, and Steve Maury.
-From Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
-Direct Hit! is a pop punk band from Milwaukee. Nick, Danny, and Devon are the "official" members, while friends of the band add to the live shows frequently.