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Sunday March 23 2014
 8:00PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$12 in advance / $14 at the door
Air Dubai
 hip hop
 hip hop

-From San Francisco, California.
-An artist who quickly evolved from parody to indie, Chicago-born rapper K. Flay first grabbed the mic while a student at Stanford University in California.

It was the frivolous topics and misogynistic lyrics she saw in mainstream rap that first drove her to record a parody of the genre, but she was surprised by both her talent and how much she enjoyed recording. She spent the rest of the year recording and writing, spent her sophomore year performing, and in her junior year, she dropped her debut album, 2004's Suburban Rap Queen. Five years later, her second effort, Mashed Potatoes, appeared with backing tracks that were more electro- and indie-oriented, a style that remained in place for 2011's I Stopped Caring In '96. In 2013, she made her major-label debut with the What If It Is EP on RCA. 

Air Dubai
Julian Church, Jon Shockness, Lawrence Grivich, Michael Ray, Nick Spreigl, and Taylor Tait.
-From Denver, Colorado.
-Denver band Air Dubai is more than the sum of its parts. It's not about the exciting combination of eclectic genres or even the explosive onstage energy. The group's appeal lies in its member's passion for the music they create, as well as their love for the people who come to see them perform. A heady mix of hip-hop, pop, soul, rock, and electronic, Air Dubai exists not to fit into one specific category or sound, but instead to create something new and fresh on each album and even every song. 


-iTCH is a hip-hop/rap artist from the UK, known for his innovative and refreshing hip-hop tracks. Lyrically poignant and anthemic in scope and scale, iTCH writes material that is stirring and energetic, expansive and professional. With dozens of tracks at once, iTCH creates a powerful rap sound like no other.