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Tuesday April 29 2014
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• 21 AND OVER
$10 & up -----sliding scale
Ray Ruiz stroke recovery benefit
The Grannies
Face The Giant
 Blues / Rock / Cabaret
Pony Fight
 heavy groove rock

The Grannies
-On a hot July night in 1999, five grown men dressed as old ladies crossed 11th St in San Francisco and hit the stage at the Paradise Lounge.
-14 years, 7 albums, and 3 European tours later and The Grannies are still at it. Featuring members of Ain't, Black Furies, Hollow Heyday, and Hullabaloo, The Grannies mix the frantic three chord riff-rock of G.B.H. with the in-your-face danger of the Dwarves, all with the fashion sense of Divine. They are pure punk, blasting forth their sound with wild abandon and their inimitable character. 


Face the Giant
Jeff Drudge, Randy Odell, and John Anaya.
-From San Francisco, California.
-Face The Giant is a three piece band from San Francisco. Formed in early 2010, the band aims to surprise audiences and entertain. Fast blues and jazz mixed with psychedelic rock and thoughtful lyrics define the sound. With every song, this group implores their fans to Face the Giant, as we all should. 

Pony Fight

Darryl, Shawn, Reed, and Julian.
-From San Francisco, California.
-Pony Fight is a heavy groove rock band that boasts a sound best described as a driving thunderclap floating above an open field of crisp green grass, interspersed with lyrics that are contemplative and thought provoking. Its first incarnation began here in the Bay Area with Julian Barber on bass and Reed Sandberg on guitar, producing soundscapes and songs in a project they dubbed Sure Catch Trout. After a bit of time, they added drummer Darryl and changed the project name to Dogs That See Rabbits. In 2012, Julian moved to second guitar, and Shawn was added to play bass. Thus began the most recent incarnation of Pony Fight in earnest.