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Wednesday May 21 2014
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$12 in advance / $14 at the door
Jessy Lanza
Saint Pepsi
 indie dream disco garage funk soul 
Face Tat
 darkwave post-rock

Jessy Lanza
-From Hamilton, Ontario.
-Jessy Lanza's debut album, Pull My Hair Back, co-written and co-produced with Jeremy Greenspan from Junior Boys is a 2013 flagship for what electronic pop could sound like, stripped of bloated, behaviourist impulses that treat listeners like lab rats. It's graceful and erotic without the gratuitous close ups, icey and sensual, sweet without rotting your teeth, emotional but with enough blue glow to pully our heart strings. Jessy's voice flutters through the synths seductively, insistent without the over-singing and grating choruses that plague so much contemporary pop. Jessy has a background as a singer and skilled piano scholar, and the duo share a mutual love of collecting the old hardware synths and drum machines that grace this collection of songs. Transecting R&b, house, disco and 80s studio rock, the production is immaculate, reminiscent of early Junior Boys, treading that fine line between cold futurism and the R&B the duo are infatuated with.   

Saint Pepsi
-From Long Island, New York.
-Saint Pepsi sits in the ethereal space between vaporwave and liquid disco, creating organic, ambient yet tangible electronic beats. Classic samples mix with hip hop drum machines and aquatic synth lines to create a stunning soundscape of old and new.  

Face Tat
Mike P and Mike G.
-From San Francisco, California.
-Face Tat is a dark wave group from San Francisco. Pulsing, piercing, hypnotic and nuanced, Face Tat's unique brand of dark wave moves your very core.