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Friday May 30 2014
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:30PM ••• 21 AND OVER
The Gomorran Social Aid & Pleasure Club
 Blue-Eyed Soul
El Radio Fantastique
 Alt Pop, Fellini Au-Go-Go, Surreal Bubblegum Art Pop,Other
Harry & The Hitmen
 Psychedelic Motown & Soul

The Gomorran Social Aid & Pleasure Club
Ryan Beebe, Tom Lehnartz, Scott Kippelmeir, Jaromy Russo, Luke Kirley, Andrew Cohen, and Dillon Westbrook.
-From Oakland/San Francisco, California.
-Anyone who's seen the raucous shenanigans of the Extra Action Marching Band shouldn't be surprised that similarly minded acts have spurng up in its wake. But how the Gomorran Social Aid & Pleasure Club came to be is just as bizarre as its precursor's antics. The band started as an idea rather than a reality, when graphic designer Adam Infanticide coined the moniker and put up a website deveoted to it, listing musicians he said playing in the group but had never been told about it. Eventually, all the players- many of whom had met years ealier, unbeknownst to Infanticide- gathered together and began to write songs based on the idea of a darkly twisted, New Orleans-influenced Tom Waits-goes-to-Dixieland marching band. Resulting tunes like "Whiskey Paycheck" and "Klangmertongnjk" are brazzy and boozy, lurching like a drunk on cheap booze, gloriously lurid and gleefully chaotic.    

El Radio Fantastique
Giovanni DiMorente, Colin Schlitt, Gene Fisher, Robin Livingston, Loyal Tarbet, Patrick Byers, and Jade Ismail.
-From Point Reyes Station, California.
-A living music-breathing entity, El Radio Fantastique's 8-piece band is a stitched together B-movie creature- part rumba band in purgatory, part cinematic chamber group, part shipwrecked serenade.

The overarching musical influences for the group derive from DiMorente's coveted record collection scavenged from abandoned tenements in New Orleans and a lifetime of dumpsters. El Radio Fantastique comprises a unique menagerie of sights, sounds and musical styles. Indeed, the vibration emitted from this group defies all genres as such as an archaic knob would turn on an antique radio. El Radio Fantastique is known to put on bewitching and alluring shows with steamy theatricality. Consistent with DiMorente's folklore, witnesses have remarked that the band's players appear to be charmed and somewhat possessed, inspiring a visceral and enchanted concert experience.


Harry & The Hitmen
Rolf Sandmeyer, Nick Gyorkos, Ryan Morgan, Scott Makson, Jesse Toews, and Harry Murphy.
-From Santa Cruz, California.
-Harry & the Hit Men serve up classic Motown and soul with jovial professionalism. But don't let the suits fool you, the band comes from an improvised rock tradition, and has years of experimentation behind their tight arrangements. Unearthing gems from the golden years of Motown and Stax records, the group curates new, heavily choreographed sets for every show. And because all six members are multi-instrumentalists and avid improvisers, their concerts continue to evolve nightly. Perfectly suited for weddings, music halls, and festivals, Harry & the Hit Men will deliver a one-of-a-kind dance party wherever needed.