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Sunday June 29 2014
 8:00PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
 Indie rock, emo, math rock
Into It. Over It. 
Victor Villarreal   
  of Owls (solo)
 Calming/Manic rock

Tim Kinsella, Mike Kinsella, Sam Zurick, and Victor Villarreal.
-From Chicago, Illinois.
Tim Kinsella had spent the second half of the '90s trying to shake his past by writing far-fetched concept records with his dreamy post-Cap'N Jazz band Joan Of Arc. But that band's particular brand of art-rock never quite rocked the way certain fans hoped it would- thus, when word seeped out in the fall of 2000 that Kinsella had called in his childhood friends for a band that would essentially pick up where Cap'N Jazz left off, underground circles were abuzz with the idea of a more accessible sound being brought forth. This did not happen. Instead, Kinsella presented his Owls, a unique four piece collective that would blend free-jazz improvisation with with loose and poetic post-punk that sounded like a Boy-era U2 taking his of homemade acid. Though it wasn't quite the scream-and-strum return to form many expected, with Owls, Kinsella and his former mates have managed to reach out to a new generation of fans.   

Into It. Over It.
Evan Thomas Weiss, with help from many others.
-From Chicago, Illinois.
-The recording project of Chicago-based songwriter Evan Weiss, Into It. Over It. pulls out all the stops and checks all the boxes when it comes to solid indie rock. The project came together in 2007 when Weiss made the decision to record a new song every week for an entire year, a stunt that culminated in the release of the double-album 52 Weeks in 2009. Afterwards, his attention turned to writing songs inspired by places, releasing a series of singles before eventually collecting them into one volume on 2011's Twelve Towns. That same year, Into It. Over It. released its first album of proper songs, appropriately titled Proper; through No Sleep Records. Another full-length, Intersections, followed on Triple Crown Records in 2013.

Emotional and grounded, weighty and poignant, Into It. Over It. is lyrically and musically gorgeous. Equal parts cerebral and self-aware, Weiss revels in pointed sentiments softly sung to former lovers and life's larger obstacles.


Victor Villarreal
-From Chicago, Illinois.
-Short of a VH-1 Special, Victor Villarreal li8ves the life of a rock star, or so we are led to believe. Victor has been seen as some sort of an enigma since he first started playing in the band Cap'n Jazz. A protege that was able to pick up a guitar and create melodic structure far beyond its time, Villarreal inspired many to dream of what could be achieved with his talents. There is a fine line between genius and insanity, and Victor's musical career bridged upon this. Victor's life has always been one of mystery, and his musical style reflects this. His talents on guitar jump unpredictably from classical stylings to Spanish finger work, indie rock, and even metal.