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Saturday July 5 2014
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:30PM ••• 21 AND OVER
 Indie Rock with some punk roots
Bang Bang
 Indie Rock with some punk roots
C'est Dommage
 alternative indie rock

Eric Shapiro, Jerry Andersen, and Shaye Farwell.
-From San Francisco/Los Gatos, California.
-Daikon's history has followed a trajectory that is relatable to all young musicians. From an optimistic flyer posted to try and start a band, to numerous local shows, to losing a drummer, to finding a new drummer, to playing more and more shows, and recording an album. The band lineup has changed a few times, each time pushing the band farther along toward it's current form: a band of friends, each with different musical backgrounds and histories, playing killer indie rock with some punk undertones. It's got California coast written all over it, with a sound that was raised in environments just like their listeners. Relatable and fun, catchy and exciting, Daikon is a stunning example of the San Francisco everyman's rock. 

Bang Bang
Shawn Strub, vocals/guitar
Mandy Dietz, drums/vocals
Bang Bang is Shawn Strub (guitar/lead vocals) and Mandy Dietz (drums/vocals), a female indie-rock duo formed in San Francisco in 2010. With a raw, lo-fi rock sound and gutsy vocals, the twosome has a unique stopping power. During Denver’s alt-rock explosion, Shawn fronted the widely praised 40th Day, and later worked with Grammy-winning record producer Keith Olsen on a solo project. Dietz spent time as lead singer for the East Coast-based band Glory Box. When the two met, Mandy took up the drums to provide the rhythmic backbone to Shawn’s big voice and gritty guitar sounds.

C'Est Dommage
Jeremy, Jesse, Langford, and Pete.
-From San Francisco, California.
-C'est dommage is the natural extension of band Pine Away. In fact, what was to be their first record was the record that their original bass player recorded with the band before moving on in mid-2011. With the passage of some time, Jeremy and Pete found a new bass player in Langford and a second guitar player in Jesse, and began to get things moving again in early 2012. While comparing them to their former incarnation isn't an entirely acccurate picture, they do share some similiarities. C'est dommage lives in the space between 80's college rock and 90's emo pop-punk, but bouncier than the 80's and more syrupy than the 90's.