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Thursday July 10 2014
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• 21 AND OVER
The She's
 Surfy Garage Pop
Union Pacific
 60's Mod-sunshine pop / Southwestern surf-train
Talk Of Shamans
 dance world psych rock

The She's
Sami Perez, Hannah Valente, Eva Treadway, and Sinclair Riley.
-From San Francisco, California.
-It is the mid-1990s in San Francisco, California. Four baby girls are crying in their cribs, shaking their little baby fists at the heavens, lamenting the fact that fate has not yet united them. So begins this tale. Fast forward. It is 2007 and these same four girls are playing Ramones covers in Hannah's basement with studded belts around their waists and braces on their teeth, algebra homework strewn across the floor. Jump ahead. It's November 2011. The She's have just released their first full-length album that captures their youthful spirits and deep-seated friendship with tight three-part harmonies, sparkling, sunny instrumentals and smart, catchy songwriting.

The She's sing songs that reflect their environment, their heartache, their relationships and aspirations. It's infectious. The Grinch smiles when he hears it. People start to notice the noise these four best friends are making. The She's gain momentum in the local music scene and open for bands like Girls, Surfer Blood, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, and Yuck. They keep writing songs. Fast forward to present day. The She's are back and they'[ve got something new for you. It's dreamy and sunny and the ladies most mature, honest and enchanting release to date. 

Union Pacific
-From San Francisco, California.
-Union Pacific is a local '60s mod-sunshine pop/surf pop group that oozes laidback groove and tight musicianship with every song. Group vocals and building rhythms mix with sunny, twangy guitar to create an altogether inescapable and contagious happiness. 

Talk Of Shamans
Eric Alban
Ian Idels
Joey Buttitta
-From San Francisco, California.
-Talk Of Shamans plays pseudo-psychedelic world-class dance rock. Practically undefinable, Talk Of Shamans is experimental, organic, and dynamic, mixing shoegaze, folk, pop, and indie rock into a sound all their own, largely unlike any other group you've ever heard. They are dangerously catchy and their idiosyncratic song writing makes for unexpected and exciting melodic progressions that can leave you hanging and craving more.