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Saturday July 26 2014
 8:00PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$12 in advance / $14 at the door
Matt Pryor
  of The Get-Up Kids and The New Amsterdams
 melancholy folk tunes
What's Eating Gilbert
  with Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory
 spin off the 50's & 60's power pop and old country
The Josh Berwanger Band
  of The Anniversary and The Only Children
 Rock n' Power Rust

Matt Pryor
-From Lawrence, Kansas.
-In March of 2012, singer and guitarist Matt Pryor decided to give up music for good. After seventeen years of writing, recording, and touring with a handful of bands- including emo ambassadors the Get Up Kids and folk-tinged indie troubadours the New Amsterdams- Pryor was exhausted, so he took some time to search for himself. First, he spent a few months working on a friend's organic farm, then serving sandwiches from a food truck, but these he discovered didn't scratch any of his itches.

Instread, Pryor's "a-ha!" moment happened as he readied a resume- something he had never needed to do before. "I've been a touring musician since I was 18," he says, "and the last job I had was in a record store. So I put together this resume, and I realized on paper, it looked like I hadn't had a job since 1998 when, in fact, I had been running several successful companies for the last 15 years." That's when it occured to him that maybe he was meant to make music. "It was like, 'Oh, maybe this is what I'm supposed to do,'" he remembers. "I've worked my whole adult life to build this into something and, what, I'm going to piss it away and start over?"

It was good timing, then, when former Get Up Kids and My Chemical Romance keyboardist James Dewees approached Pryor about a collaborative recording project. "He emailed me out of the blue with some demo ideas," Pryor explains. "They were the completed instrumentals of some songs that he recorded at home. I wrote lyrics and a melody and sang it, and then he sang the harmonies, and then we sent it to (producer) Ed Rose and he made it sound great." The resulting three-song EP is something that sounds familiar and instantly different, something fresh but still in character, and something that Pryor found particularly cathartic.

He would go on to produce a third solo album, one that reflects his dramatic turn-around from a dark headspace to a new beginning. His melancholy folk tunes are equal parts history and future, as he draws on his immense experience to channel a new sort of energy for himself. 


What's Eating Gilbert
-What's Eating Gilbert is the side project of New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert. Gilbert started writing songs in 2009 and released a number of 7" record eps, but because of his busy schedule with New Found Glory, he could only give limited focus to his personal projects. Now he is going full steam ahead and kicking out tunes that are a spin off the
'50s and '60s power pop and old country that he heard his parents play around the house as he grew up.     

The Josh Berwanger Band
-Josh Berwanger and Michael Hutchinson
-From Nilbog, Kansas.
-The Anniversary member Josh Berwanger is a bonafide veteran of the music industry, with a number of successful bands and records under his belt. Now he's on his own and thriving, working together with the drummer from The Anniversary, Michael Hutchinson. Berwanger's songs are born out of love, heartbreak, fear and frustration. They sound as big and open and honest as a Kansas skyline and speak to the struggle, unique to someone trying to slug it out in the music business for most of their adult life. Berwanger is, in many ways, a visceral statement about what it means to keep doing what you love- even when it feels like you are doing so against all odds.