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Sunday September 21 2014
 6:00PM doors -- music at 7:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$12 in advance / $14 at the door  
and sliding scale 
----towards Garth's cancer fund
Cancer Relief Benefit for Garth Petal
 hard rock
Hot Lunch
 punk 'n' roll
 members of Triclops! and Victims Family and Kai Kln
 crushing it with electric guitar
Garth's Rory Gallagher Tribute Band
  featuring Isaiah Mitchell
DJs Sasquatch Borracho
 and Blake Davis (from Papa's Culture)
 DJ - rawk

Cancer Relief Benefit for Garth Petal
Please share this event with everyone – thanks.

As some of you may or may not know – a good old friend of ours, Garth Petal – former drummer from the Smokin’ Rhythm Prawns and local actor, known for his part in the cult film The Hypnotist (2001) as well as in theaters throughout the San Francisco Bay Area has recently been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer.

Garth is currently undergoing chemotherapy, but as you can imagine he hasn’t been able to work steadily, therefore his finances have dwindled to nearly nil.

Being self-employed, a single dad, having his house foreclosed on and having cancer has taken quite a toll on him mentally, physically and financially so this is where each and everyone of you come in!

If you’re reading this it means we would like you to be a part of a very important benefit for a local artist, loving father and lifelong friend.

A cancer relief fund has been created for Garth via GoFundMe to gain support and gather donations well beyond the SF Bay Area so please donate.


Please share the link with everyone you know. The initial goal is $10,000. Lets smash it and raise 10x that!

-Andy Liotta (Smokin' Rhythm Prawns), Christian Riley (Bluchunks), Joaquin Spengemann (Bluchunks/Hellworms)
-Walrus emerged in the spring of 1993 when members of two popular Berkeley bands united to work through their issues at maximum volume. Guitarist Christian Riley and drummer Joaquin Spengemann brought the anarchic precision of the Bluchunks, and Bassist/Singer Andy Liotta contributed the distorted melodicism of the Smokin' Rhythm Prawns. The result was a unique admixture of testosterone and brains, violence and beauty, aptly described by a drunken fan as "Helmet meets the Beatles."

Over the course of their four-year lifespan, Walrus delivered sonic beatings regularly in and around the Bay Area, notching a few hundred high-powered performances that balanced relentless chaotic energy with formidable technical chops, and topped off with Liotta's soulful bellowing. Their focus and intensity was captured on a quartet of recordings showcasing a heavy yet intricate sound that anticipated the Nu Metal movement. From 1993 to 1995, Walrus attacked the studio three times, resulting in three hard-to-find EP's: Odobenus (1993), Gas & Gristle (1994) and Legless (1995). They released their only full length CD, Fissure, in 1997, only months before Riley was brought down by crippling tendonitis in both forearms.

Though dormant for more than a decade, Walrus' music has lost none of its freshness. With the release of re-mixed and re-mastered versions of the EPs on Lazy Bones, talk of a reunion begun. See them now again at Bottom Of The Hill. 

Hot Lunch
 -Aaron Nuddelman (Wig Torture/Mensclub), Eric Shea (Parchman Farm/Sweet Chariot/Mover), Charlie Karr (Harold Ray Live in Concert), Rob Alper (SLA/The Fells)
-Hot Lunch is a punk ‘n’ roll band from the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area that specializes in getting loud, getting weird and getting rad. The quartet’s unique blend of brown-acid skate-rock and wah-fuzz proto-metal was born in the bowels of skatanic rituals, biker beer busts and wizard staff meetings. With a head-bludgeoning sound that refuses to take sides (and showers), Hot Lunch are on a hell-bent mission to create the best party soundtrack in the history of all music. Their self-titled debut album was recorded by Tim Green at Louder Studios and is available on all formats by Who Can You Trust? Records (EU), Tee Pee Records and Burger Records (US).

"A blast of 60's acid rock seemingly unearthed after decades of rock 'n' roll mediocrity necessitated its rebirth" – Thrasher Magazine    

 Neil Franklin & Gene Smith (Kai Kln), Larry Boothroyd (Victims Family/Hellworms), Christian Riley (Bluchunks/Walrus). Also, Sherman Loper from Kai Kln will be joining the one band against a cruel system to rock a number of Kai Kln songs.
-One band against a cruel system.   

Garth's Rory Gallagher Tribute Band
  featuring Isaiah Mitchell

 Kicking things off the guitar slinger from Earthless & Golden Void will be joined by his wife, Camilla on bass and Chris Lebreche (Planes of Satori) on drums to blaze through a set of Rory Gallagher tunes.

DJs Sasquatch Borracho and Blake Davis
-Sasquatch Borracho aka Dave Pehling

-DJ Sasquatch Borracho is all about the rawk. We know this because, well, he leads a double life--during the day he's a mild mannered freelancer for SF Weekly's music section. And then, on the last Saturday of the month, he transforms behind the decks into the master of metal, stoner rock, and punk. He's the go-to man if your idea of a DJ is less about the big beats and more about the monster riffs. Borracho's tastes extend to the dancefloor too, but even there he gives out recommendations for singles that sample rock idols. Check out his pick for rap's best use of Sabbath, and other personal tidbits, below.

-Blake Davis (of Papa's Culture)
Somewhere between a greased-gears Steely Dan and a pleasantly sedated They Might Be Giants, this ingenious Northern California duo — a bassist/composer raised on Count Basie and a post-punk folkie/toaster guitarist with a wry funnybone — belies its members' roots to create warm, jazzy, reggaefied funk-pop laced with charmingly odd lyrics. Laying down infectious rhythms reminiscent of the early Beat, and playful soul stylings that would do Sly Stone proud, Harley White (bass, music) and Blake Davis (guitar, vocals, words) make memorable songs like "Swim," "It's Me" and the Zappa-esque "Muffin Man" effortlessly enjoyable while describing a world of their own fantastic imagination. The album can barely contain the band's hyper-invention: tracks burble over with adroitly applied instrumental variety (horns, strings, reeds, harmonica, sitar), samples (Charles Mingus and Carl Reiner) and lyrics that mingle Jacques Cousteau, Brian Wilson, mom, grandpa, Bob Marley and Black Uhuru without ever getting bogged down in topicality or random referencing. Still, the relaxed grooves and sophisticated studio craft move it along with smooth ease.