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Saturday October 11 2014
 7:00PM doors -- music at 8:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$16 in advance / $18 at the door
and sliding scale 
----towards Garth's cancer fund
Cancer Relief Benefit for Garth Petal
The Blüchunks!/album/Out+Of+The+Mouth+Of+Babes/4709121
 punk thrash
Kai Kln
 psychedelic post punk metal
 + very special guests...
 members of Triclops! and Victims Family and Kai Kln
 crushing it with electric guitar                                         
DJs Jello Biafra + Sasquatch Borracho

Cancer Relief Benefit for Garth Petal
Please share this event with everyone – thanks.

As some of you may or may not know – a good old friend of ours, Garth Petal – former drummer from the Smokin’ Rhythm Prawns and local actor, known for his part in the cult film The Hypnotist (2001) as well as in theaters throughout the San Francisco Bay Area has recently been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer.

Garth is currently undergoing chemotherapy, but as you can imagine he hasn’t been able to work steadily, therefore his finances have dwindled to nearly nil.

Being self-employed, a single dad, having his house foreclosed on and having cancer has taken quite a toll on him mentally, physically and financially so this is where each and everyone of you come in!

If you’re reading this it means we would like you to be a part of a very important benefit for a local artist, loving father and lifelong friend.

A cancer relief fund has been created for Garth via GoFundMe to gain support and gather donations well beyond the SF Bay Area so please donate.


Please share the link with everyone you know. The initial goal is $10,000. Lets smash it and raise 10x that!

The Blüchunks
- They used to play around Berkeley a lot in the late 80's early 90's, then they just disappeared. Where are they?
sam newton the nutjob singer and kevin walsh (sicko bassist) currently are living in zacatecas, mexico. sam is married w/ two groovy kids while walsh is still doubtless playing the field, mack that he is. i heard that the boys have joined up w/ longtime friend and fellow expatriate adam marsh (on guitar) and a mexican drummer to cook up some funky licks for the local populace.
guitarist dave green still plunks out a jazz tune now and again, but he's not really actively pursuing music these days (which is really a shame in my book). christian riley kicked ass with the underappreciated walrus before succumbing to some nasty tendonitis as noted above. if you want to hear what walrus sounded like riff-wise, take a listen to the opening track on the new jane's addiction album. i wouldn't be surprised if dave navarro had a copy of the walrus album. riley is also living by the bay and has recovered enough to sometimes pick up the guitar...
drummer joaquin spengemann recently moved to the east coast, but did play w/ victims family members ralph spight and larry boothroyd in hellworms (one album on alternative tentacles). he also played in blood red rose and with former mirv guitarist brian kehoe in his band before abruptly splitting from the bay area in 2003.

-A short lived (1989-1993) slice of Musical history. Each member a great musician in their own rite as well as together. When Sammy (the singer) announced he was moving to Canada with his girl, it was a sadding thing. However, if he didn't The Mighty Walrus may never have come to fruition.   
Sam once came out dressed as the Pope...complete with hat and staff. He was an awesome front man. He would ride his skateboard guitar on stage. They would do a great cover of Cosmik Debris by Zappa and Cheap Sunglasses by ZZ Top. The place was always full for them. The whole band was great- what an original sound they had…they were so tight.
... the singer was WILD and had wavy hair that he wore in two pigtails. The guitarist was blonde. They used to so this thing called the "tower of rock" which was that they used to stack up on eachother's shoulders at least 3 or 4 high and still continue playing - IT WAS GREAT!!

-Yet another collaboration between guitarist/vocalist Ralph Spight and bassist Larry Boothroyd, the Hellworms follow in the footsteps of Bay Area hardcore band Victim's Family (1984-94) and Saturn's Flea Collar (1996-97); this group is rounded out by drummer Joaquin Spengemann (Walrus). The Hellworms were formed in 1997 following the breakup of Saturn's Flea Collar, allegedly choosing their name because both Jello Biafra and their parents disliked it. After opening for such acts as Mike Watt and NoMeansNo, the group recorded its debut album, Crowd Repellent, which was released in 1998.

--[bio from 1999]-- 

Introducing Hellworms, the last band you'll ever need to know about for the rest of your life. Well, that's the way the bio used to read before they decided to call it quits after drummer Joaquin left the band. But, the good news is that they have decided to re-start Victim's Family . But this bio is about the Hellworms. Sorry.

The Hellworms formed from the ashes of Saturn's Flea Collar, which was formed from the ashes of Victims Family. Hellworms is the latest collaboration of guitarist/vocalist Ralph Spight and bassist Larry Boothroyd who've been destroying eardrums and expectations together since 1984 when Victims Family first came to the attention of the Bay Area's hardcore scene. Known for their ultra-tight off kilter thrash attack, they were often imitated, often reviled but never ignored. They relentlessly toured the US and Europe and released six albums of thought provoking and satirical material earning them a rabid following worldwide. When the trio finally imploded in 1994, Larry and Ralph both did time in Plainfield, the bay area's backwoods cannibal-lounge-southern rock outfit, before forming Saturn's Flea Collar. Their wacky sci-fi debut album, Monosyllabic, (Alternative Tentacles) rocketed them into the annals of obscurity while they managed to tour the US and Europe before eventually imploding as well.

     In 1997 Larry and Ralph decided they had screwed around long enough and it was time to find a drummer and work on their backlog of new material. They hooked up with Joaquin Spengemann of Walrus and began working on new songs. The most daunting task was deciding on a new name... they finally settled on Hellworms because it was the only name that both their parents and Jello Biafra hated. With one less hurdle in their path, the trio made their live debut. The result: three seasoned veterans showing the kids how it's done. Devastating. Intense. Engaging. Sexy. They started off with a bang, opening for Mike Watt at a sold out show at the Bottom of the Hill followed shortly by an opening slot for Nomeansno at the Great American Music Hall. They are quickly earning a reputation as an incendiary live act and rapidly gaining a loyal following.

     Continuing in the Victims Family tradition, Hellworms are louder, faster tighter but also bring in a more song oriented, fun vibe while still having lots to say. Their debut album Crowd Repellent on their own Let Them Eat Records label will be co-released by De Konkurrent (Europe) and Alternative Tentacles (everywhere else). Crowd Repellent is fifteen songs of three chord punk, psychotic circus thrash, bad trip psychedelia mixed with lots of heavily caffeinated pointed lyrical observations on the music business, love gone postal, meaningless employment, inserting foreign objects into body parts and other burning issues of our times. The album was recorded at Found Sound in SF with the band producing and Thom Canova engineering. Look for the Hellworms touring the Northwest and the Southwest in November, December and January before heading off to Europe in February of 1999.  

Kai Kln
-Gene Smith, Neil Franklin, Scott Anderson, Sherman Loper
from Carmichael, CA

Kai Kln was formed in 1989 when drummer Neil Franklin introduced guitarist Sherman Loper from his old Punk band Laughing Jesus to bassist Scott Anderson of Skeptic Peace for a jam session. The session went so well that the three quickly went on to write a handful of
instrumental songs and started playing parties in the Sacramento, CA suburb, Carmichael, throwing in psychedelic post punk jams where their songs left off. This hard edged combination of punk, metal, and hard rock caught the attention of singer Gene Smith one day when Gene happened on Scott and Neil at a practice and ended up jamming with them. He was recruited by the rhythm section on the spot and Kai Kln was born with Neil naming the band after a fictional warrior character from a silly story he had written one day in high school detention.
Gene quickly filled out the band’s sound with his vocals and shared guitar duties with Sherman. This gave the band new focus and soon they were composing technically challenging songs drawing from all of their backgrounds and also from the underground rock scene in
Sacramento and the Bay Area during the early nineties. After attracting the attention of Sacramento music promoters Brian McKenna and Jerry Perry they landed a gig opening for the up and coming band, Primus. This gig along with a string of college parties expanded the band’s fan base and with manager Marc Malakie’s assistance (New World Management) they were soon selling out clubs in Sacramento, the Bay Area, and beyond opening for bands as diverse as Bad Religion, Dinosaur Jr., Sublime, Mother Hips, Victim’s Family, Mary’s Danish, Blue Oyster Cult, and Nirvana just to name a few and playing with fellow locals such as the Deftones, Cake, Magnolia Thunderfinger, Far, Tinfed, Early Times, and Phallucy. They were also the first unsigned band to sell out the 1200 seat Crest Theatre in their home town of Sacramento. They became well known for their exciting high energy live shows that included wildly varied set lists with extended and improvised segments and, with the help of their roadies James Telles and Aaron Baker, skits in the vein of Frank Zappa’s “Fillmore East” era skits.
In 1991 Eric Broyhill captured their developing sound in a weekend recording session that became the cassette release “Rythym of Strange” (Insert This Way Records run by Marc Malakie & Eric Broyhill) (later re-released on CD as “Rythym of Stranger”). This was quickly followed in 1991 by the 7” “Hair of the Bud”/”13” which drew the attention of High Times landing the band a spot in the Pot 100 a couple of times and actually charting on a couple of college radio stations. The band worked with Eric Broyhill again in a series of sessions in 1992 that lead to the release of 1993’s critically acclaimed “Vigoda”. The band increased their touring range up and down the West Coast and east to Colorado and was soon being courted by major label A&R reps and agents. Unfortunately the member’s responsibilities at home led to the band’s untimely breakup. They watched their local peers sign on to major labels and land international tours and radio airplay while Sherman’s brother, Aaron Loper, released their early cassette only album on CD with bonus tracks financed using money from pre-order sales. After a year on hiatus the band reunited then started touring and writing new songs in 1995. During the summer of 1996, Kai Kln entered the West Coast’s famed Coast Recorders with engineer Zak Allentuck (production oversight by John Cuniberti) to begin recording what would be their final album, “The Matter Of Things”. Although the album was released early 1996 and included some production by Tesla’s Brian Wheat, it failed to generate the label buzz their Vigoda generated. After touring though 1997 the band once again called it quits and it’s members pursued various other projects.
On a whim in 2007 the band reunited once again for a string of shows in Northern California much to the pleasure of their old fans who came out and packed every venue they played and even generated some nostalgic press buzz
Gene Smith fronted his band “The Ricky and Del Connection” with Neil Franklin still providing the rhythm along with Flamp Sorvari on sax and David Bole on bass. R&DC has a similar though more mature sound with Gene Smith’s singing, songwriting, and guitar composition more than making up for the volume, power, and Spinal Tap antics of his last band.
Gene Smith was collaborating in the band “Ardella’s Crown”.
Gene Smith is currently fronting "Gene Smith Lives", a collaboration with Kristine David and Nick Embly.
Neil Franklin sometimes collaborates with Christian Riley, Larry Boothroyd, and Dave Rhoden in "Tears and Boners".
Neil Franklin collaborates with Christian Riley, Larry Boothroyd, and Gene Smith in "Brubaker"
Sherman Loper, Neil Franklin, and James Telles collaborate in the band "Dutch".

You can check out some live bootlegs at

 Neil Franklin & Gene Smith (Kai Kln), Larry Boothroyd (Victims Family/Hellworms), Christian Riley (Bluchunks/Walrus). Also, Sherman Loper from Kai Kln will be joining the one band against a cruel system to rock a number of Kai Kln songs.
-One band against a cruel system.   

DJs Jello Biafra + Sasquatch Borracho 
-Jello Biafra
-Jello Biafra is the former lead singer and songwriter for San Francisco punk rock band Dead Kennedys, and is currently a musician and spoken word artist.
-Sasquatch Borracho aka Dave Pehling
-DJ Sasquatch Borracho is all about the rawk. We know this because, well, he leads a double life--during the day he's a mild mannered freelancer for SF Weekly's music section. And then, on the last Saturday of the month, he transforms behind the decks into the master of metal, stoner rock, and punk. He's the go-to man if your idea of a DJ is less about the big beats and more about the monster riffs. Borracho's tastes extend to the dancefloor too, but even there he gives out recommendations for singles that sample rock idols. Check out his pick for rap's best use of Sabbath, and other personal tidbits, below.