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Thursday November 13 2014
 6:00PM doors -- music at 7:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$12 in advance / $14 at the door 
The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die
The Hotelier
Rozwell Kid
 alternative indie rock noise pop power pop slacker rock
Posture & The Grizzly
 Thug Punk/Dark Pop

The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die
David Bello, Josh Cyr, Derrick Shanholtzer-Dvorak, Steven Buttery, Greg Horbal, Chris Teti, Katie Shanholtzer-Dvorak, and Julia Peters.
-From Willimantic, Connecticut.
-The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die is an atmospheric emo/indie rock band that formed in 2009. Known for their high-energy, unpredictable, and cathartic live performances, TWIABP has risen up to be a champion of its genre, revitalizing and re-asserting emo as a genre of indie rock. They're a genuine community of musicians, high in collaboration and collective conscience, writing about their combined experiences and feelings.  

The Hotelier
Christian, Chris, Sam, Ben
-from Worcester, MA
-The most political music is often the most explicit, battering its audience with its beliefs. But that isn't always the case; sometimes it embeds its ideas in subtler, more successful ways.
The Hotelier (previously The Hotel Year) can be described as anthemic, cathartic rock songs, sent occasionally to delicate and destructive extremes. Singer Christian Holden pushes his clean voice until it crumbles, his words are heart-wrenching and haunting.
With their 2014 album "Home, Like Noplace Is There", by making political statements through personal explorations, The Hotelier has not only made a uniquely political record, but also a subtler, more successful one.   

Rozwell Kid
-Jordan Hudkins and bandmates, which include Adam L. Meisterhans (also of Demon Beat) on lead guitar, Andrew LaCara on guitar and vox, Devin Donnelly on bass and vox, and Sean Hallock on drums.
-Rozwell Kid is the rock’n’roll brainchild of Demon Beat drummer, Jordan Hudkins, who, with the help of his bandmates, creates music that honors the insouciant attitude of his LA post-grunge influences, without the sun-tanned decadence of some of his noise pop counterparts. Born and raised in West Virginia, Hudkins’ landlocked upbringing is reflected perfectly on “Unmacho,” which pairs music that bursts at the seams with restless energy and lyrics that grapple with the dark side of fun.

Posture & The Grizzly
-from Willimantic CT
-a pop punk band with emo / indie rock leanings. The band formed after I’m ok. disbanded and features members of One Hundred Year Ocean. They released their debut full length, Busch Hymns, on Broken World Media in 2014.  
Such energy, such a brilliant fusion of musical styles; has the passion, balls and don't-care punk charisma that you can't help but feel drawn to.
Think melodic punk with a screamo edge. It's brash and recklessly good. Speedy riffs and minor skramz-tempos here and there build as loud and angry, and rightfully so. This is one of those bands with an abrasive edge that works, even in its immaturity and resentment. It feels so natural and unforced and to cultivate such a sound so organically really wins. If Joyce Manor met State Lines and got smashed, you'd get Posture & The Grizzly.

Even in the catchy stuff, they mark the bubbly aspects of their music with passionate, mosh-worthy material. It takes on a pop-punk signature that amid hazy, distorted guitars, still finds a way to put forward their mean, mean, mean disposition. Rough, crude. The band's adaptability is awesome as they innovate so much with jagged solos and huge, obnoxious choruses but still find a way to float so perfectly into the twinkly, indie-punk finale. There's a lot of humor to kick back to so have a beer or twenty, enjoy the emotion and hateful poetry that jump out in leaps and bounds to pleasantly distract. It'll be worth it.