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Saturday January 10 2015
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:30PM ••• ALL AGES
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
O Presidente
 (Album release show)
 Noo-Wop / Bro-fi / Tropicalia
Hot Flash Heat Wave
  garage rock surf new wave                       ----- The Tambo Rays canceled
Brian & Sara DaMert  
 of The Tambo Rays

O Presidente
Andrew Zingg
Nathaniel Draper
Tobias Butler
Nick Burrell
-From SF

-O Presidente casually refers to their genre as all of the following: “noo-wop,” “bro-fi,” “skate folk,” “hyphy”, and “tropicália.” But, the band’s varied roots, including their interest in Brazilian and other Afro-Caribbean influences, doo-wop, and ’50s and early ’60s American and British pop, are patent on Clube de Futebol, an entertaining, rocking, and even sometimes crooning record, replete with beautiful instrumentation and songwriting. Zingg also likes to think that “some of the newer stuff is faster, louder, with more fuzz.”
“Around the time we started playing together as a band too, I was becoming obsessed with Tropicália and Brazilian psychedelic rock from ‘60s and ‘70s,” Zingg said of O Presidente’s sound. He eventually discovered that his grandfather David Drew Zingg was an American photographer who lived the last 40 years of his life in Brazil and took the album cover photographs on some of the iconic Brazilian pop records of the 1960s, including the original Tropicália “manifesto album” and the breakthrough records of Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil.


Hot Flash Heat Wave 
Adam, Ted, Nathaniel, Nick
-from SF

-The San Francisco based foursome, Hot Flash Heat Wave, like to describe their style as ‘gutter pop moon rock’ – not a genre we can honestly say I’ve encountered before. We’d describe it as power pop blended in with summer-beach-time surf rock and a bit of feel good neo-psych. All round it’s a pretty smiley affair, good for a spot of late-afternoon fading sun relaxation before the dance tracks kick in.

The groups self-titled six-track EP features the twangy surfer-paradise track “Turning Blue”, the pysch-influenced swirls and distant harmonies of “Slam Dance” and “Rum Runner” and a cheerful drum intro into the loud and fun-lovingly raucous “Dirty Dreamer (XXX)”. Overall it’s a cherry, youthful record that leaves the door open for Hot Flash Heat Wave to grow their sound and hone their talent.

-San Francisco’s Hot Flash Heat Wave keeps popping out the hits – this time, they’re back with “Hesitation,” a fantastic new wave track off their forthcoming debut LP.
For this gem, they ditch the surf-y aesthetic apparent in some of their other efforts and opt for a muscle-y power-pop rocker with touches of British art-rock, like a crisper version of The Cribs or Art Brut. Slabs of guitar chords intertwine with nonchalant vocals for an instantly infectious thrust, leading to a fantastic chorus around 01:30 that features guitar twangs and trickles alongside a varied vocal delivery. My favorite part of the track occurs when the spoken-word bits around the two-minute point combine with sporadic bursts of guitar distortion and effects, which basically sounds like the guitar complaining — in welcome and melodic form. With tightly concise guitar leads and aptly placed vocal maneuvering, “Hesitation” continues Hot Flash Heat Wave’s run as showing themselves as one of the most impressive newcomers of 2014.

Hot Flash Heat Wave have been one of my favorite discoveries this year; the San Francisco-based early twenty-somethings craft a serene blend of power-pop and surf-rock that manages a bevvy of punchy hooks despite the amiable nonchalance. 

Brian & Sara DaMert ------ The Tambo Rays canceled 
 of The Tambo Rays

The Tambo Rays members are:
Brian DaMert
Sara DaMert
Greg Sellin
Bob Jakubs
-from SF

-The Tambo Rays have strange in their veins; what started as a bedroom solo project by multi-instrumentalist SF music man Brian DaMert ripened soon after he recruited his magnetic younger sister, Sara. Her playful manner fostered a new sonic direction that has fashioned a distinct and up-beat collaboration between the spirited siblings. The two were later joined by Greg and Bob rounding them out into a chill pop quartet.

Together they have found a fresh, new and off the beaten path sound that's drives their pop ridden landscape.