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Wednesday February 25 2015
Tonight's show is canceled 
          ---- the one and only PPL MVR cannot play:
 SNWBLL is passing a giant kidney stone and is not able to travel to SF today

••Refunds will be automatically issued for all advance tickets purchased.
    All advance ticket purchasers will get their accounts credited for the value of the tickets they purchased.

Wednesday February 25 2015
 8:00PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
the one and only PPL MVR
 Rock        ---- Team Spirit are off the bill
Big Harp
Windham Flat
 garage indie rock pop

the one and only PPL MRV

Members: K-PO, SNWBLL, Q
- seen around: Los Angeles, CA

"The creatures you are about to see are not Yetis. They're not aliens or mythical beasts. The truth is, we don't really know what they are, who they are or where they're from. We only know they call themselves "the one and only PPL MVR," and claim to be some sort of ancient species (mostly seen around the Los Angeles area).

We also know this species has an affinity for heavy duty rock and roll, windmill guitar riffs and karate kicks, as captured on this video for the song, "People Mover."

The white one goes by the name SNWBLL, the black one is K-PO, and the brown one is Q. (We aren't making this up). The one and only PPL MVR also have a human handler. His name is Dave Pino, and he delivered this message from the ... group, band, thing:

"There is an ancient power in coming together to stand in a sacred place and chant, sing songs, pump our fists in the air, and venerate. The one and only PPL MVR taps into that simple truth: throw your head back and yelp as loud as you can — it feels good."" - NCPR

Big Harp
Chris Senseney
Stefanie Drootin-Senseney
Daniel Ocanto
- from Los Angeles, CA

7” release on Fat Possum “Its A Shame out on March 10th

Windham Flat
Aaron Araki (guitar vox), Ben Pearce (guitar vox), Nate Brown (drums), Ash Clayton (bass, vox)
from San Francisco, CA

SF rock band Windham Flat has steadily recorded, gigged, and killed brain cells since 2011. Having little regard for musical fads the band works to make what they want to hear, drawing from pop appeal rule breakers like The Clash and Television. With close personal ties to their fan base and musical peers Windham Flat’s live shows resemble parties more than the arm crossed affairs underground music events tend to devolve into.