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Saturday March 28 2015
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:30PM ••• ALL AGES 
KALX co-presents...
Self Defense Family
 ---from Sweden
 Pop punk
The Solids
 Tasty Hard Pop Rock

Self Defense Family
Patrick Kindlon, Andrew Duggan, Chris Tenerowicz, Alan Huck, Nick Warchol, Mark O'Brien, Benjamin Tate, Seth Sauca, Kaila Stone, Adam McIlwee, Caroline Corrigan, Andy Rice, E. Tobin, Mary Brulatour, Mathew Morand, Mike Fenton
- from Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Albany, London, and elsewhere

"Over 10 years and dozens of releases—both under their current name and previously as End of a Year—the post-hardcore band Self Defense Family have built themselves out of perversity. Before the so-called “emo revival” became widely reported on in 2013, frontman Patrick Kindlon and crew had already rekindled the cathartic desperation of Fugazi’s two primary predecessors in the mid-80s, Rites of Spring and Embrace (“End of a Year” being a song by the latter). Emo never really went away—but with End of a Year, it finally came full circle. Kindlon, though, was just as apt to mix black humor, jarring turns of phrase, and pop-culture references into the band’s otherwise open-hearted hardcore. End of a Year’s gradual evolution into Self Defense Family has given Kindlon even more room to stray from emo fundamentalism." -

Maja Milner, Irma Krook, Andreas "palle" Wettmark, Gustav Data Andersson, Hugo Randulv
- from Sweden

"There’s a tendency in American culture to use foreign punk bands to gain insight to another nation’s political and emotional tenor, and that’s just not gonna work with Sweden’s Makthaverskan. Though a reaction to what they considered to be a conformist, “happy and cute” indie scene in Gothenburg, II is an interior and personal record of constricted scope, occurring entirely within Maja Milner: in her blood, in her head, in her body, in her room. Beyond that, who knows what else is going on in the world—but that’s the whole point of II, a record of unhinged beauty that can be wrested from longing and anger. At times it feels threatening enough to render all other concerns inconsequential." -

The Solids
Carter L Bays, Craig Thomas, Patrick Butler, C.C. DePhil
- from Los Angeles, CA

5 parts Budweiser, 4 parts Online Porn, 3 parts Woody Harrelson Headshot, 2 parts Allen Covert Wig, equal parts of Ari and Uzi Tenenbaum, a pinch of Chuck Manson, and a splash of John Ritter... The Solids hail from Los Angeles and have been writing and recording and performing music since 1996.