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Wednesday April 15  2015
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
CCR Headcleaner ------back on the bill again
 noise rock - punk pop - acid rock
The Strange Land
 rock haunted post-punk surf

- from Los Angeles, CA

"Frontman Cory Thomas Hanson is a mover himself. In addition to playing (usually fleetingly) with a wide array of fellow L.A. garage-rockers over the past few years, from together PANGEA to Meatbodies to Mikal Cronin, the singer/guitarist/keyboardist helms the electronic pop project WHITE. Hanson just can’t sit still, and accordingly what makes Ganglion Reef so euphorically hypnotic is the way it translates his itinerant, hyperkinetic tendencies into song. “Clearer” stomps and throbs through a barrage of zap-gun bursts and bongo-punctuated, acid-flashback breakdowns; beneath it all, riffs the size of thunderbolts hurl the song through wormhole after wormhole. Hanson’s breathy, elfin voice glides overheard, but it’s only half as ethereal as his steam-calliope synths and creamy smears of distortion." - Review of Wand's 2014 album Ganglion Reef by

CCR Headcleaner
Justin Flowers, Alex Cargile, Mark Trisey, Nick Givens
from San Francisco, CA -

The members of CCR Headcleaner must be some kind of gutter mutants, spawned from the spores of an alternate-universe San Francisco psych scene that's less pop and more bong-ripped hedonism. CCR Headcleaner crafts a perfect swill of psychedelic noise, plastered punk and Fugs-y folk, which makes sense given the band's mixed pedigree. A few members come from The Hospitals, whose 2008 album Hairdryer Peace was like White Light/White Heat run through 12 Big Muff pedals. The rest of CCR features Justin Flowers and Alex Cargile, who spent the first half of the aughts wreaking havoc with the Athens psychedelic rednecks in Long Legged Woman.

The Strange Land
Michael Taras, Jack Brown, Robin Cadell, Christian Zamora
from San Francisco, CA

The Strange Land have carved out a distinct sound over the course of the last year and a half, with the release of their aptly named EP’s Strange Land I and Strange Land EP II. We at the Bay Bridged definitely like what we’ve heard, as evidenced by their inclusion on our “Bands to Watch in 2014″ podcast. If for some strange reason you still haven’t been watching them, they dropped a swirling, fuzzy gem of a track with “Specter”.