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Saturday April 25 2015
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:30PM ••• 21 AND OVER
Lydia Loveless
 alternative country singer-songwriter
Foolproof Four
Three Times Bad
 Bluegrass / Dirty American Roots

Lydia Loveless
Lydia Loveless: guitar, Vocals, Todd May: guitar, Vocals, Benjamin Lamb: Bass, Jay Gasper: Pedal steel/guitar
George Hondroulis: Drums
from Columbus, Ohio
“Sounds Like: Loretta Lynn and Patti Smith slamming shots at a Midwestern dive bar while cowboys and punks brawl out back……her breakout album 'Somewhere Else' is an aching, lusty set of twang and sneer wrapped in electric guitar swagger.” -- Rolling Stone

Two years after the critical success of her breakout second album, Indestructible Machine, Lydia Loveless emerges from the trenches of hometown Columbus, OH with the gloves off and brimming with confidence on Somewhere Else. While her previous album was described as “hillbilly punk with a honky-tonk heart” (Uncut), this one can’t be so quickly shoehorned into neat categorical cubbyholes. No, things are different this time around—Loveless and her band have collectively dismissed the genre blinders and sonic boundaries that come from playing it from a safe,familiar place.

Foolproof Four
Noah Grant - -guitarist/vocalist, Dan Brennan - drums
from San Francisco, CA

Perhaps the best way to describe Foolproof Four is by way of equation: multiply blues by jazz, add rock, divide by country, and subtract half the band (as well as most of the drum kit). The result is an intimate sound with a big presence; guitarist/vocalist Noah Grant soars while drummer Dan Brennan dials in the groove, hollering periodically to round out the mix. Foolproof Four's original songs range from two-step folk songs to straight-ahead rock numbers, and their interpretations of tunes by renowned artists often take even the most die-hard fans by surprise

Three Times Bad
Jesus Angel (geetar, banjo, vox) - Doubting Thomas (mandolin, vox) - St. Jean-Pierre (French Gypsy fiddle, vox) - St. Claire (American Heartland fiddle, vox) - Cousin Casey (singer-stomper-dancer) - St. Megan (upright bass, vox)
from San Francisco/Oakland CA

-THREE TIMES BAD is nothing if not hard to pin down. Recognizing “a hint of ‘vaudeville’” in the group’s sound, Morrison says, “They are certainly not a bluegrass band,” while Music Junkie Press believes the combo is “breathing fresh new life into American bluegrass… with a variety of musical influences such as hillbilly swing, outlaw country, Gypsy jazz, honkytonk, folk songs, and much more… bring[ing] back that nostalgic feel for a time where music held a common thread that cemented friendships and bonds were forged.” The Good Men Project simply states: “This is Americana music, the kind borne of community. It’s real…. Their lyrics also carry the kind of weight you’d expect of reflective singer/songwriter music, and while they’ve got sit-by-the-fire humor, songs like ‘No More, No Less’ come out, and the words make you realize that you need to go back and listen to everything a little more carefully