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Wednesday April 29 2015
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
Acid Ghost
 (Album release)
 dream pop indie rock shoegaze
 of Hydrophonic
(Debut show)
 Psychedelic Hard Rock
Death Cheetah
 experimental terri-fi

Acid Ghost
Guitar/Vocals/Bass - Ayce Barcelon, Drums- Mikey Mendoza
from San Francisco, CA
Hey everyone in San Francisco / bay area / anywhere near / anyone with internetz connection! Be on the look out for up and coming pop indie band Acid Ghost. With this debut single showcasing their dreamy shoegaze surf rock vibes, Acid Ghost is just getting started.

Short but sweet, “All Alone” was recorded independently by the band themselves. Ace Barcelon with the catchy guitar riffs / distant vocals and Mikey Mendoza keeping it steady on the drums, “All Alone” will be sure to make you tap your feet, bob your head, and chill out.-

Corey Largent: Guitar/Vox, Sam Lowther: Guitar/Vox, Zack Newman: Bass, (vacant): Drums
from San Francisco

psychedelic hard rock

Death Cheetah
from San Francisco, CA

Death Cheetah embraces the darker elements of drone, chaos and subtlety and smashes them against sub-bass brutality. Bridging the carved out gaps between electro, post-punk noise and ambient soundscape, metallic mantras are created through acts of constructing deconstruction as an ever expanding sound collage hyperventilates. Accurately described as undefinable, cinematic and down right terrifying, It's not unlikely to find audiences entranced by the elegantly evil atmosphere created during a live performance. That said, public appearances are rare and specific, often taking the shape of sound installations rather than concerts and in that same spirit, recordings are made available in a sporadic and limited basis. Hand made artifacts, numbered editions and one of a kind packaging signify each release.