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Thursday April 30 2015
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
Paint A Picture Tour 2015
Tony Lucca
 Singer-Songwriter, Rock
Anna Rose
 Rock 'n' Roll, Alternative, Blues, Pop, Folk
Casey Buckley

Tony Lucca
Tony Luca
from Nashville, TN

This is hands down the record that sounds the most like me against me. These sounds, these tones, these harmonies and melodies really reflect my palate. What I grew up with got me excited about rock and roll in the first place and we tried to mine each lyric for a line or a title or a phrase or something that might make for a good title for the album. At the end of it, it just kept feeling like, “No” — if I was going to hand a total stranger a record and be like, “This is Tony Lucca,” this is it. This is literally me, that’s what it’s called and this is who it is and this is what it sounds like. I also think it’s almost like a starting over point for me, because although I look forward to a continued life and career of really cool circumstances and amazing experiences.

Anna Rose
Anna Rose - writer (music/lyrics), guitar, piano, vocals, Adam Stoler - guitar, Tyler McDiarmid - guitar
Jordan Perlson - drums, Jamie Bishop - bass
from New York, NY

If New York-based rocker Anna Rose could add a subtitle to her name, she says it would be, “Don’t Let the Name Fool You.” She couldn’t be more right. With that sweet name, the angelic blonde hair, the petite frame and unassuming smile, one might think she’s just another pretty face with a pretty voice who likes to sing pretty songs. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Anna Rose is a spitfire of rock and roll passion, a true guitar head who doesn’t mind getting her fingers bloody, and a mix of Jim Morrison’s sexy bravado with Brigitte Bardot’s seductive stare onstage. It’s the dichotomy of masculine and feminine, retro and modern, strong and vulnerable that makes her sophomore effort, Behold a Pale Horse, a true statement of who she is as a woman, a performer, and an artist

Casey Buckley

Kevin Buckley Guitarist, Pianist, Vocalist, Drummer Drummer, Bassist Bassist, Rhythm Guitar Guitarist
from Warren, NJ

If asked whom Irish-American singer-songwriter Casey Buckley sounds like, you'll likely answer: Casey Buckley. An amalgam of sounds old and new, you could easily place him in a small town cafe or a big city concert hall. He's played both - along with everything in between. Listen closer and you'll begin to notice the sweet voice of James Taylor lilting over the thoughtful fingerstyle of Ryan Bingham. The lyrical quality of John Mayer makes its presence known whether on these pensive pieces or with a powerful belt.