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Thursday May 14 2015
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
Talk Of Shamans
 experimental pop
Summer Peaks
 indie pop
Future Shapes
 ~ Fil Calá
 dream pop experimental indie rock noise ~ shitwave
No Vacation
 Post Tropical Sadcore // indie pop + rock

Talk Of Shamans
Eric Alban, Ian Idels, Joey Buttitta
from San Francisco, CA-

We met inside a trance. It's like we all became one conciousness, and within this current incarnation of ourselves, we formed an everlasting musical bond that has lasted and grown, and continues to grow within ourselves and each others, selves, we bring love and form it into, musical, notes, and, we love earth, water, mountain, and...........



Summer Peaks
Daniel Mandrychenko, Zachary Elsasser, Melina Duterte, Dylan Allard (live)
from Brentwood CA

Summer Peaks is an indie rock trio from Brentwood, California formed by high school friends Daniel Mandrychenko, Zack Elsasser, and Melina Duterte in 2012. Wanting to emulate the musical heroes of their youth, the three friends began practicing and perfecting a tight, energetic live set. Their first two EPs reflect their diverse musical interests, which include surf rock, shoegaze, and old Broadway tunes. In March of 2014, Summer Peaks released their first album, Saturday. Described as having a diverse but cohesive sound, Saturday showcases Summer Peaks' dreamy and nostalgic take on indie pop.

Future Shapes
Fil Calá, Steven Johnsrude, Aaron Larson, Joey Buttitta
from San Francisco

Shitwave from San Francisco. Reverb & weird feelings for some, miniature American flags for others.

No Vacation
Sabrina Mai // Basil Saleh // Marisa Saunders // Nat Lee
from San Francisco, CA
No Vacation is a San Francisco based indie pop duo with roots from different musical backgrounds. The band started as a dorm room collaboration between Basil Saleh and Sabrina Mai before evolving into a band.