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Sunday May 17 2015
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
True Widow
King Woman
 fronted by Kristina Esfandiari, formerly of Whirr
 doomy folk, metal, shoegaze
 alternative experimental instrumental post-rock progressive

True Widow

DH Phillips (guitar/vocals), Nicole Estill (bass/vocals), Slim TX (drums)
from Dallas, TX

True Widow have released two previous albums: True Widow (2008) and As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth (2011).

Each release has built on the band's unique approach to the guitar-centric intersection of shoegaze and ambient pop, which the band self-described as "stonegaze," NPR described the band's sophomore release as "a warming headphone album for a bleak snowfall, moody and dreamy chords crushed by a rumbling low-end, " Decibel Magazine said the album is "a droning, strung-out record that is, frankly, almost perfect" and All Music said True Widow's guitar sound is "not so much detuned as it is shuddering."

King Woman
from San Francisco, CA

As soon as "Dove" begins its downward descent, the fall from heaven is heard like a tape-recorded choir delivering a benediction for mass. The pipe organ undertones come through like bellowing growls, grumbled from the bowels of beasts and creatures of the unseen. Kristina appoints a soft-saw-swinging guitar chord pattern, anointed by her hushed, but engulfing, whisper. The harmonic signals of danger are sung, inviting a tone patterned after the foreboding air-raid siren spray. Though "Dove" challenges conventional beliefs about the soul, body, and being, it rises up in the catharsis of survival and soars through the pained nature of suffering. The song sulks through strings that bend with both a classical approach to composition and a modern narrative of expressing sadness through slow-sinking quicksand

Wig. Bass

Chuck Pettry. Guitars, Matt Youdall. Guitars, Dennis Remsing. Drums
from San Francisco/Oakland, CA

GLACIERS is a four-piece, instrumental post-rock band from San Francisco and Oakland, California. Over the past six years, the band has worked hard to develop a strong following with their loud, climatic live performances and their first album. Three or the four members of GLACIERS previously played in very loud hardcore bands when they were younger. But with this Bay Area quartet, they have achieved a much more varied approach to music.