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Sunday May 24 2015
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
Alex G
Wild Moth
 dark pop postpunk shoegaze
Happy Diving
 guitar rock

Alex G
alex, sam, dexter, john
from Philadelphia, PA

On the songs Giannascoli releases as Alex G, he explores topics like mental illness, the solipsistic effects of drugs, the bummed-out lives of degenerate friends, and the singular pain of missing someone who doesn't miss you back. It's bleak stuff, but it can be comforting, too. His sonic palette fluctuates; Giannascoli experiments with distorted atmospherics and white noise (or maybe that's just a fortuitous byproduct of his low-budget setup), country-western rawness with banjos and lazily-strummed acoustics, and even crunchy electronic textures. Mostly, though, he's inhabiting a classic indie aesthetic: meandering guitar solos, occasional toe-dips into psychedelic waters and, most importantly, melodies that stick. Like Elliott Smith, who seemed to succeed whether he was crafting cinematic music with involved string sections or whispery folk-pop or something else entirely, Alex G has a pliable sound. He often toys with perspective, too, channeling various characters through which to tell his demented short stories.

Wild Moth
Austin Montanari, Cal Tung, Carlos Salas, Marc Leyda
from San Francisco Bay Area
We're happy to announce that this spring we will release the sophomore full-length for San Francisco postpunk band Wild Moth. Titled “Inhibitor,” the record will come out in vinyl and digital formats. The LP follows the band’s recent split EP with fellow Bay Area post-punks Creative Adult and Wild Moth’s debut LP “Over, Again” on Asian Man Records in 2013. Wild Moth have played with Merchandise, Perfect Pussy, Speedy Ortiz, Naomi Punk and many others and toured with several other bands including Self Defense Family and Creative Adult. SF Weekly called the band “one of the Bay Area's most promising young post-punk bands” and described their sound as departing “from punk's insistent rhythms and concise fury: It's more nuanced, structurally intricate, and melodic.” We're excited about this new album. The band hits a new gear on “Inhibitor,” layering sludgey, darkly textured guitars on top of each other, pulling the listener along on an even stronger melodic underpinning than previous releases. Think modern shoegaze that mixes spikes of punk-infused energy, like “Isn't Anything”-era My Bloody Valentine meets Drive Like Jehu.

Happy Diving
Matt Berry - Guitar/Vocals, Matt Yanko - Guitar, Mikey Rivera - Bass, Samuelito Cruz - Drums
from the Bay Area CA

Here are two things I learned about Happy Diving, whose new album, Big World, is our featured album on The Bay Bridged for December. First, the East Bay band only formed about a year ago, which is crazy when you consider how well-defined the band’s sound is. Anyone looking to define a new trend in Bay Area music should take note of all of the killer noisy pop that’s been showing up lately, including Terry Malts, Tony Molina, and now Happy Diving, who invigorate slack, anthemic indie rock with a punk intensity. Second thing I learned: Big World was somehow recorded in just two days, capturing ten loud-as-fuck songs that consistently surprise and never overstay their welcome. Credit here should also go to producer Jack Shirley, whose Atomic Garden studio keeps cranking out quality projects.