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Thursday December 10 2015
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
Moving Units
Billy Changer
mutant pop
Death Valley High
death disco
          ------ Crystal Sister
is off the bill

Moving Units
Blake Miller Mike Delgado Boz Danny DeLeon
-from Silver Lake/Los Angeles, CA

-Hailed for pioneering post-punk, indie-dance music – a sound often reflected by today’s contemporaries, Los Angeles’ Moving Units, now ten years into their career, are set to release a new EP, Tension War. Tension War references the existential personal struggles we experience when we attempt to harmonize the dualities in everyday life. From the push and pull that ensues during an unspoken attraction, to the dynamic of living in Los Angeles - a city of symbolism and paraphernalia of glamour, versus the desperation and disillusionment of the people who aspire to such entrapments…tension is everywhere.

Well-known for exciting live shows, Moving Units combine reckless abandon, raw primal energy, and underlying sexuality. They strive to engage and connect with their avid fans and have even been known to share tequila and cookies with them during their sets.

Billy Changer
Bill, Cameron Allen, Dan Quintanilla, and Nick Winfrey
-from San Fernando Valley, CA
-"Billy Changer and Tracy Bryant are two California natives whose paths crossed roundabouts 2012 and translated into Billy joining Tracy’s band called Corners as it’s bassist. Prior to this, Billy had been playing with a very minimalistic, garagey, and slightly dark 3-piece group called 3 1/2 and translated the bassy guitar drive of his octave pedaled six-string quite well into the 4-string bass of Corners who at that time had a number of bright surfy songs under their belt. The result was a shift to a slightly more post-punky sound of “Pressure” while maintaining the same surf elements characteristic of previous songs in singles like My Baby. And now, they’ve taken the opportunity to team up with the uber-rad folks at Lolipop and Burger Records to debut a tape featuring full length efforts from both fellows."

Death Valley High
reyka osburn, adam bannister, huffy hafera, sean bivins, todd buller
-from Earth A.D.

-Death Valley High kicks off another rebirth with 2013's POSITIVE EUTH. The band came together in 2010 and introduced the world to their deadly undead rock with their debut album. They hit the road for two national tours and dropped the acclaimed 2011's Doom, In Full Bloom. They scored an Independent Music Award in the category of "Best Rock Song" for "Multiply". In 2012 Band members Reyka Osburn, Adam Bannister, Chris Sanders, and Huffy Hafera retreated to Fantasy Studios to begin work on POSITIVE EUTH. The album, engineered by Jesse Hart Nichols [The Stooges, Ty Segal] and mixed by Eric Stenman [Thrice, Deftones], sees their signature style expand into even deadlier and more dynamic territory. ”