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Saturday February 13 2016
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$12 in advance / $14 at the door
Bonnie & The Bang Bang
  (Record release)
 Post-Rock // Alternative // Expiremental
Sea In The Sky
 progressive metal
 New Wave Post-Hardcore // Screamo

Bonnie & The Bang Bang
Patrick James Stiles, Jake Dineen, Joe Warren, Robby Cronholm
-from Oakland, CA

-Bonnie & the BANG BANG is aggressive and anxious, challenging and chaotic, art for the sake of motion. One part of their distinct sound is alluring. Seductive. It draws you in, and dares you to stare too long. There is always something off, something dark swimming just beneath the surface. When a song turns, it feels like coming awake in a dream, or perhaps a nightmare. Something is exercised in these moments of rhythmic experimentation. A heavy ghost. Each song, like an old prayer or and incantation, evoking the wrath of a God called into question. A desperate attempt to know if someone's up there.

Sea In The Sky
Sam Kohl - Vocals, Johan Guerra - Bass, Rodney Dudum - Guitar, Jakob Bray - Guitar, Daniel Larsen - Drums
-from Redwood City, CA

-Sea In The Sky was founded in July 2012. They have created a unique, fresh sound that has caught the attention of the San Francisco bay area music scene.These four up and coming musicians provide you heavy, groovy and catchy instrumental music that is similar to Periphery, Animals as Leaders, Scale The Summit, CHON, and Intervals.

-from San Francisco, CA

-With a blend somewhere between a movie soundtrack and a empty mausoleum comes the raw emotion of a dying banshee and a convoluted orchestration of reverb and notation. ourfathers. has resided in the city of San Francisco since 2014.

With the catalyst of the founding members fathers passing away- They decided to write an aubade to the recently deceased asking for advice; expecting no answers.

These songs are what they have left of the memories of the men who raised them and the widows they left behind.