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Friday May 13 2016
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:30PM ••• 21 AND OVER
Radio Moscow
 Psychedelic rock, Blues rock, Garage rock
Mondo Drag
 psych krautrock space rock
Planes of Satori
 acid rock psychedelic
DJ Rob Metal

Radio Moscow
Parker Griggs - Guitar/Vocals/Drums
Anthony Meier - Bass
Paul Marrone - Drums
-from The Land of 1000 Dances

-Trends come and go, but the idea of a bunch of guys getting together in a garage and playing the kind of music that makes the neighbors call the cops — that’s forever. And it’s that idea that’s crystallized in the form of Radio Moscow. The power trio led by the Stratocaster genius Parker Griggs have found THE formula : powerful, crunching Sabbathstyle chords and fiery solos that earn the right to be called Hendrixian and plants its flag firmly in the territory where psychedelic rock and cranked-up blues meet. Parker’s demo caught the ear of The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, who produced the 2007 self-titled debut. With Brain Cycles , their second album Radio Moscow proves that they’re not a cheap time machine but a direct descendant from the golden age of Rock’n’Roll. In 2011, Griggs continued his psychedelic trip with The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz realesed by Alive Records. Just this year the band recorded their first album as a full trio untitled “Magical Dirt”. The band is on the road now supporting the new album, check the tour section to see if they are coming near you!

Mondo Drag
John Gamino - Keyboards & Vocals Nolan Girard - Guitar & Synthesizer Jake Sheley - Guitar Ventura Garcia - Drums Andrew O'Neil - Bass
-from Oakland, CA

-The creatures known as Mondo Drag hailed from deep along the banks of the wild Mississippi River where they created ominous, spiritual, savage psychedelic revival sounds. Summoned to the edge of the Earth, they journeyed west, collecting new sounds reminiscent of desert scapes, acid dreams, all-night prog vinyl spinning and a dark galaxy of protometal swirls,  exalting the band unto new, wickedly brilliant horizons. Now settled in the deep realms of Oakland, the ensemble continues to create cosmically proportioned, churning jams evocative of a rainbow of obvious inspirations but also numinous new sounds emerging from the organ - heavy riffs. If you love Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, Can, Atomic Rooster, Hawkwind, Budgie, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Italian prog, Krautrock in general, and heavy space-outs....get into Mondo Drag. They'll knock your socks off, let your hair down and take you on a mind's eye exploration you won't soon forget. Though they exude love for the spiraling tapestry of heavy psychedelia of the past, they are on a rock and roll mission all their own: an unearthed prog band, futuristic in their time capsule, rocketing forward through the depths, gathering the sounds of space itself

Planes of Satori
chris labreche-drums alejandro magana-vocals, justin pinkerton-bass, raze regal-guitar
-from Oakland, CA

-Pure light and energy. Trying to explain the path or ascertain the direction of Planes of Satori is something like trying to determine the path of light from the sun, or the reflection of that light on the moon. It comes from ten-thousand directions equally, more powerfully than you can ever fully comprehend, delivering a message you need to understand but can never fully translate – and it’s everywhere, all the time. It’s the sound, as the band might say, of the “Gnostic Boogie.” And boogie it does. The seven songs assembled serve as our deliverance to the higher plane of Planes of Satori, and the four indestructible elements of drums, guitar, bass and vocals are perfectly in-synch from the start. “Eyes” opens the album with the band’s declaration of a total clarity of vision, even in the midst of wondering what space would feel like, wondering “if its eyes are yours or mine.” “If You Must Know” seems to be the sister song to “Eyes,” bringing the album to a velocity we might call “anxious-dub.” The interplay between the guitar, drums, bass and vocals on the first three songs, in particular, is so fluent as to be intimidating, but it’s the previously mentioned “Gnostic Boogie” that perhaps charges the hardest, reaches the furthest, takes the express way to “out there,” with the snarl and snap of a galaxy of collapsing stars.

DJ Rob Metal
metal DJ
-from San Francisco, CA
-Classic Rock is where it's at. Do you long for the days when rock was kick ass? When you could turn on the radio (KMAC/KISS) and enjoy good music all day long.Well those dasre gone but I can bring them back to life!