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Tickets are back on sale
  now that Songkick retracted their
listing which stated that the
band playing is the band KISS
(as in face makeup and Gene
Simmons, the mega, arena
playing, super star band)

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Tuesday June 14 2016
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM ••• ALL AGES
Knights In  Satan's Service .
  ~Knights In Satan's Service
  members of The Wave Commission  and Pretty Allright
Mayya & The Revolutionary Hell Yeah!
The Jerfs

Knights In   Satan's Service .
  ~Knights In Satan's Service
-from San Francisco, CA
-Knights in Satan's Service is the always controversial and most likely temporary name of San Francisco's newest shlock rock super group. Consisting of members Queen Elizabeth on the ivory's, Woodrow on the 4 string, Adam the first man and Mark Pannone on the six's and last but not least, Ben Manning Tatum on the skins.

We hope to rock you, sock you and robot you into a frenzy with our sometimes loud sometimes quiet, sometimes fast and sometimes slow brand of musical notes, produced by our musical instruments.

You wanted the best..........but they're certainly too good for an $8 ticket price, so instead you get us. We are the Knights and we hope to serve you this summer.

Mayya & The Revolutionary Hell Yeah!
Spencer Owings on lead guitar, Lucas Fendert on drums, Evan Anderson on bass, n Mayya on lead vox/rhythm guitar
-from San Francisco, CA

-Mayya was born in SPB, Russia n grew up in the TL in SF. She is inspired by David Bowie, Gogol Bordello, Iggy Pop, funk music, George Harrison, pretty much anything w energy and good melodies... and anyone who is unapologetically themselves! which is why her band is comprised o the wonderful Spencer Owings on lead guitar, Evan Anderson on bass, n Dylan Hadley on drums! The Revolutionary Hell Yeah! as a band name/idea is representative of the enthusiasm and passion behind doing whatever it is one strongly cares about.

The Jerfs
amy, charlie, dave, laura, nic
-from San Francisco, CA

-we're probably your new best friend