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Friday August 12 2016
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:30PM ••• ALL AGES
All Your Sisters
 electronic goth rock new age
Wreck & Reference
 electronic noise rock post-metal
Some Ember
 pop ambient
DJ Nako

All Your Sisters
Jordan Morrison and Mario Ruiz.
-from San Francisco, CA

-"All Your Sisters take on the post-punk paradigm is decidedly non-retro. The basic building blocks are there; heavy drum machine rhythms, pumping melodic bass lines, swaths of atmospheric guitars and cold synth melodies, but where many bands are content to wallow in the shadows of their influences, All Your Sisters sounds like the future."

Wreck & Reference
Ignat, Felix -from The Howling Wasteland, CA
-Wreck and Reference are a heavy experimental/electronic band. Wreck and Reference is a highly irregular beast. Coming out of California, this enigmatic two-piece band pushes the traditional metal template towards regions unexplored, expanding the sonic legacies of Swans’ filth and Big Black’s harshness. It’s ugly, but there’s a deliberate tunefulness to the whole procedure, a hidden beauty of sorts that makes the whole package palatable. And they do it all without the use of stringed instruments: all sounds are made using drums, vocals, and a Korg sampler. As The Flenser Records’ website states, they are “VERY hard to classify.”

Some Ember
Dylan Travis and Nina Chase.
-from Oakland, CA

-The synth revival that happened over the last 50 or so years was fun. French label obscurantism, disaffected vocals, and apolitical haircuts; people were dancing, and the L train ran on time. It would have been churlish to complain. But, still, something was missing. We had the bleeps, we had the bloops, but we didn’t have the bangs or the crashes. It was all just a little too up above it when all we wanted was to get down in it. Much as I like to apply my dreadlock extensions and blast Ministry around the house like it was free needle day at the shooting gallery, I don’t relish a return to late period Wax Trax either. I like the bleeps and bloops a LOT, and I get enough bad thrash at home, thanks. So there needs to be a middle ground.

Some Ember is that welcome middle ground. Some Ember is the California duo of Dylan Travis and Nina Chase. They’ve been releasing excellent sometimes aggressive/sometimes ethereal synth music rooted in both industrial and pop for a few years now, along the way gaining respect from bands like Wax Idols and Dum Dum Girls. They—and, I’d argue, bands like Youth Code and Bestial Mouths—are a welcome respite from both the Too-Cool-For school and the metal dudes who just discovered that they don’t have to pay a drummer if they scream their bland nihilisms into an iPad. Plus, Some Ember look more like high elves than fascists. I can’t tell you how much this means to me.

DJ Nako
-from Salt Lake City, UT
-DJ from Shutter and  PopScene