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Thursday August 25 2016
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• 21 AND OVER
$10.50 in advance / $12 at the door
Beware Of Darkness
 garage rock, hard rock
Tremor Low
Post-Punk New-Wave
John Travoltage
 (Single release)
  Indie Rock - Garage/Punk/Whatever

Beware Of Darkness
vocalist/guitarist Kyle Nicolaides, bassist Daniel Curcio, and drummer Tony Cupito
-from Santa Barbara, CA

-Beware of Darkness is a bold new power band with an old soul, pissed at life in the modern age. They are ready to frighten your children, sleep with your daughters, and make you shake, scream, and contort like it's a Depression-era, Southern exorcism. They play fast moving rock songs with exploding key and rhythm changes mid-song. They also play slow-cooked, sexed-up, bluesy things. Imagine Bowie's "Hunky Dory" with low, detuned, primal, Zeppelin-esqe guitar riffs.

Tremor Low
Don Bellenger, Fabian Paredes
Ariel Utz, Herve Gross
-from Oakland, CA

-Tremor Low comes from fucking Oakland, California.
They sound like synthesizers, drum machines, delay and distortion pedals in exactly that order.
They also sound like Robert Smith making music in the Noughties, but they’re trying to get away from that. Tremor Low shot to mega-almost-stardom during the summer of 2013, at which point they were playing venues like Great American Music Hall, Bottom of the Hill, and Popscene (SF). During this time Tremor Low did a stint as the resident band at the Beautiful Buzzz SXSW showcase and their 2-year old video was utterly destroying the competition for 2nd or 3rd place in various film festivals. At home, they were sharing the stage with The Trims, Parallels, and Moving Units. In the same week that they were included in the first round of CMJ bands, the c-list-celebrity-bullet-train ran off the rails as they decided to lose a member, cancel all shows and put the band on indefinite hiatus. Fabian and Don went on to experiment with writing and playing a dancier version of themselves under a different name, and after a long period decided that doing the new material under the name Tremor Low was a better decision.

After literally 20+ auditions, the band discovered Ariel Utz Wirnsberger, a Chilean national living in the Bay Area with no practical band experience, but he was a fucking bad-ass synthesizer wizard. While Ariel’s english improved, and Don continued to practice his tortured Spanish on his cringing bandmates, they finessed their sound and show to be the very best version of Tremor Low that the world has ever seen.

John Travoltage
Richard Tubman, Alan Saura,
Phil Boyer, Brady Quilici
-from San Francisco, CA

-John Travoltage draw their influences from the likes of retro-rock acts like The Minutemen, Superchunk and Pavement, skate and surf punk bands like NOFX and Rancid, and contemporary neo-garage bands like Wavves and Japandroids. While the songs follow pop structure for the sake of palatability and dance-ability, John Travoltage seeks to subvert the inherent nature of pop aesthetics with bratty and iconoclastic lyrics that shove a decidedly adult middle finger at the notions of celebrated mediocrity, capitalist hierarchy, and Western exceptionalism that run rampant within the narrative of the modern American nouveau-urban denizen.

"Recalling everything from the heavier side of Cheap Trick to the scrappy '90s pop-punk of Superchunk, this San Francisco-based four-piece delights with their seemingly boundless energy, penchant for loud, bright guitar lines and wry, pointed lyrics." -The Bay Bridged