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Tuesday August 30 2016
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
Wave Dweller & GROUP present...
Creative Adult
Happy Diving
 guitar rock
        ----Never Young is off the bill

 alternative dream pop sad shoegaze 

Creative Adult
Scott Phillips,  RJ Phillips,
Michael B James, Rogers Michael Fenton, Anthony Anzaldo
-From San Francisco, CA

-Creative Adult comes from the musically diverse background of the Northern California hardcore/punk scene. Formed with the sole purpose of creating an aggressive and interesting style of punk music, whose influences range from Scratch Acid, to Black Flag & Joy Division.

Happy Diving
Matt Berry - Guitar/Vocals, Matt Yanko - Guitar, Mikey Rivera - Bass, Samuelito Cruz - Drums
-from the Bay Area CA

-Here are two things I learned about Happy Diving, whose new album, Big World, is our featured album on The Bay Bridged for December. First, the East Bay band only formed about a year ago, which is crazy when you consider how well-defined the band’s sound is. Anyone looking to define a new trend in Bay Area music should take note of all of the killer noisy pop that’s been showing up lately, including Terry Malts, Tony Molina, and now Happy Diving, who invigorate slack, anthemic indie rock with a punk intensity. Second thing I learned: Big World was somehow recorded in just two days, capturing ten loud-as-fuck songs that consistently surprise and never overstay their welcome. Credit here should also go to producer Jack Shirley, whose Atomic Garden studio keeps cranking out quality projects.

Stan, E, Karl, Dyl
-from San Francisco, CA

-An exciting new sound grips the Bay Area’s music scene as Plush pushes the bounds of genre and style. Plush is a four-piece originating from San Francisco, with members of local SF legends The She’s. While their debut LP, Pine, is a beautiful combination of surf-rock and shoe gaze, their auspicious new release, Please, encapsulates a completely different tone, both sonically and lyrically. Lush and warm, it has cinematic quality which suggests, somehow, that each track takes place in a different climate. With the angular and ethereal falsetto of Karli Helm contrasted by the hypnotic and unwavering voice of Eva Treadway, Please echoes a melancholic honesty that captures the album’s heart-breaking, yet insightful versatility, deriving from both Wowee Zowee era Pavement and Painful era Yo La Tengo. Sonically, the album embraces twinkling guitar tones that are blitzed with spurts of grainy fuzz, flaringly precise and graceful drums, as well as complimentary bass riffs that swirl and swoon each track, working in unison to pin-point these heart-wrenching emotions with clarity and catharsis. After sharing the stage with bands such as Ceremony, All Dogs, Ducktails, Sales and Creative Adult, they have proven their ability to blend seamlessly into wherever they may end up.