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Wednesday September 7 2016
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• 21 AND OVER
Down And Outlaws
 Rock and Roll
Sweetwater Black
 hard rock blues
Grow And Twine
 Dream Folk

Down And Outlaws
Peter Danzig, Kyle Luck, Chris Danzig, Jon Carr
-from San Francisco, CA

-To Down and Outlaws, it's obvious and unavoidable. But apparently an all-for-one philosophy of songwriting and identity is an anomaly in the modern era of music.

Recorded in a marathon one-week session at Studio 606, "Above Snakes" finds San Francisco's Down and Outlaws fine-tuning their place musically and striving to channel the restless, pissed off spirits of rock and roll history.

As Above Snakes -- an old west term meaning "still alive" -- suggests, the band believes in music that's fresh, yet pleasantly unpolished; brash, but wary; accessible, but never cheap.

In "I Don't Care," Peter Danzig proclaims: "I'm a sickness/ I'm a cheat/ I don't care if I feel a thing." And the whole band joins in to scream the title line with an urgency that proves just the opposite.

The band's show is the source and primary outlet of that urgency. A friend recently commented, "I've been trying to record your set for months, but you're too fuckin' loud!" This music is based on freedom and escape from everything else that drags you down, if only for 40 minutes.

Sweetwater Black
Seth Stowaway- Guitar, vocals
Michael Scanland- Bass
Danielle Stowaway- Drums
Julio Palacios- Guitar
-from Oakland, CA

-Sweetwater Black's journey started as a 2 piece with Seth and Danielle Stowaway's desire for a fun, minimalistic project to contrast the 8 piece Americana band they were in at the time. With the addition of Michael Scanland's heavy bass riffs, killer guitar leads from Julio Palacios, and the incredible talents of Kevin Grapsky and Actual Wolf on bass, it has been quite a ride.

Playing raunchy electric blues with heart wrenching passion, the band evokes a certain authenticity that is brought to the stage in powerful way. The emotion soaked songs invite you into their story through dynamic writing, taking you on a trip from start to finish.

Grow And Twine
Ryan Devens - Vocals, Guitar
Roxi Pianko - Vocals
Ryan Devisser - Guitars, Lapsteel, Percussion, Vocals
Jason Stevens - Bass
Tobi Grunick - Drums, Percussion
-from Nashville, TN/San Francisco, CA

-Here are storied romances, both dark and hopeful; here are love songs, aching with pleas; here are sweet ballads, crooned with soul. Where the Southern charm of Nashville meets the sun-speckled, free-spirited coast of California, there is Grow and Twine, a folky quartet based out of San Francisco. Ryan Devens and Roxi Pianko are the earnest male-female voices that sing to each other, backed by Ryan Devisser on steel guitar and Tobi Grunick on drums. Their Wind Fool EP weaves together romance and remorse, hope and loss, and there is a spirit that never dies. In the American western folk ballad, "Oh My Darling, Clementine," the flowers grow and twine around Clementine's grave--these lyrics are the band's namesake, and it is this life after death, the beauty that radiates out of darkness that tremors through the songs of Grow and Twine, rolling and rumbling, stomping and strolling, all the way through.