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Thursday September 22 2016
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
The Gooch Palms
   from Australia
  (album release)
 rock lo-fi shit-pop
 rock and roll garage surf
Valley Boy
Shannon Shaw from Shannon and the Clams new band!

The Gooch Palms
Leroy & Kat -
from Newcastle, Australia

-Once upon a time in a land far away a Frankenstein's monster of a baby was created. Equal parts Iggy Pop, Roy Orbison and fly girl; this baby was an unusual child that would be raised all the way across the oceans in the suburbs of Newcastle, Australia by two very normal parents. Their normality however, could not stifle the ever-growing demon inside the boy that at age 14 would be unleashed on an unsuspecting Novocastrian audience. This boy is Leroy Macqueen; singer, guitarist and one half of notorious duo The Gooch Palms.
His partner in this story is Kat Friend, a fellow Novo that as a young girl, always dreamed of meeting her demented prince charming and starting a band with him. And sometimes, dreams really do come true. Not so long ago she picked up a couple of drum sticks, got herself two drums and has not looked back since. In the very short while it has taken Kat to become a bona fide shit-pop goddess, she has also become an absolute pro at providing the much needed yin to Leroy's schizophrenic yang, keeping it cool as a cucumber while oozing her very own brand of badass-femme-sass.
Together these two are an unstoppable force that have been turning heads and boners everywhere they go. They play catchy-as-hell pop music for the underdogs of this world, singing songs about bogan life in a small industrial town on an isolated continent in a far away hemisphere. Not to mention a lot of songs about outer-space. The Gooch Palms debut album Novo's delves into the reality of what life in Newcastle is like for these two misfits and the good, the bad and the boredom that comes with it.

Chase - lead bass, Callum - lead hunk
Eli - lead drums, Peter - lead sax
-from Oakland, CA

-Most often, drinking and hanging out inspires very little besides more drinking and hanging out. For the band Babewatch, however, it inspired a song … about drinking and hanging out. “Guys Hanging Out” was the first song they ever wrote, and it was exactly what they were doing when they wrote it.

After a handful of drunken practices, the band started playing drunken house parties, and eventually Santa Cruz clubs. Just recently, half of the band moved to the Easy Bay, and they’ve begun playing around the whole Bay Area. Basically, they’re trying to take the band seriously—without compromising their dedication to drinking and hanging out.

“Our music stays on the fun side of thing, maybe less explicitly than ‘Guys Hanging Out.’ Maybe it’s just a little more refined. It’s still lighthearted,” says singer/guitarist Peter Kegler. “We’re not writing any ballads yet.”

Their early tunes leaned heavy on the surf vibe, but their newer stuff is more of a mixture between garage-rock and indie-rock. The twentysomething members of the band, who all met at UCSC, joke about their music being “dad rock,” but there’s a kernel of truth to it. When main songwriter Kegler was a kid, the bands that mostly inspired him were the rock, garage and psychedelic bands from the ‘60s and ‘70s—music from his dad’s record collection. Other members of Babewatch grew up listening to that music, too.

“They wrote good songs back then. We all get together and go, ‘let’s do dad rock!’” Kegler says. “I guess it’s a deeper joke than I ever thought about.”

Valley Boy
-from Oakland, CA
Shannon Shaw from Shannon and the Clams new band!