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Saturday September 24 2016
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$13 in advance / $15 at the door
Dead Blue Tour
Still Corners
  from London, UK
 Dream pop synthpop neo-psychedelia new wave
Foxes In Fiction
experimental ambient lofi pop
Heart of the Whale
Rock n Roll

Still Corners
Greg Hughes, Tessa Murray
-from London, England

-Greg Hughes, the driving force behind Still Corners, is not one to rest on his laurels. Despite the critical plaudits hurled at the band’s 2010 Creatures of an Hour debut longplayer (“indulgently seductive” opined NME; “an astounding debut” purred Drowned in Sound), Hughes is blessed with the kind of inexorable ardour for refreshing and sharpening his muse that is common to all connoisseur sculptors of apparently effortless, instantly elegant pop music. “I’ll never be satisfied with any of it, I need to keep trying new things”, he concedes of his ever-burgeoning musical project. “Still Corners is The Enterprise, for me.”. Now they're set to follow it up with their 3rd LP titled "Dead Blue" - arriving on September 16. The male/female American/British duo of Greg Hughes and Tessa Murray have announced the release via the band's own labell, Wrecking Light Records.

Foxes In Fiction 
Warren Hildebrand
-from Toronto, CA/New York, NY

-The widely familiar distorted riffs of shoegaze are not solely what make Foxes In Fiction unique. The oceanic quality attributed with this genre, though mesmerizing and ethereal, will allow many ambient artists to peacefully slip under the radar. Luckily for fans of cozy electronic music with experimental tendencies, Foxes In Fiction has quite a bit more to offer.

Heart of the Whale
Jonathan Nicholson - Vocals & Guitar, Joe Wilinski - Drums,
Jon Turner - Bass, Keys, & Vocals, Sven Forner - Guitar
-from San Francisco, CA

-Heart of the Whale is a San Francisco rock'n roll band with something very dark up their sleeves. They blend psychedelic gospel, fuzzed out blues and heady distortion. Raucous, beautiful and sometimes harrowing but they do it all with a sideways smile and a tip of the hat.

Their songs are stories heard from across a campfire or lived through a young boy in a small North Carolina church. Their self titled debut album was written and recorded between Fall 2012 & Spring 2014, and released in April of 2015.