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Sunday September 25 2016
 2:00PM doors -- music at 3:00PM ••• ALL AGES
BBQ show...
Overwhelming Colorfast
The Meices

Overwhelming Colorfast
Bob Reed, Dan Reed, Heather Millward, Nick Millward.
-from Antioch, CA

-A piledriving pop-punk band from the San Francisco suburb of Antioch, CA, Overwhelming Colorfast was a vehicle for Bob Reed, who was the band's sole permanent member. Reed looked like D. Boon from the Minutemen and sang like Bob Mould in his Hüsker Dü days, but there was a Buzzcocks-like love for sweet pop mixed in with his punky guitar roar. After a deubt 7", "It's Tomorrow," on the tiny indie Sympathy for the Record Industry in 1991, Overwhelming Colorfast signed with Relativity Records and released '92s self-titled debut, produced by the hot record maker of the moment, Butch Vig (Nirvana, Sonic Youth, etc.). The years since have seen numerous lineup changes, a number of great records, and at least one breakup.

The Meices
Joe Reineke (vocals, guitar), Steve Borgerding (bass), Tom Galbraith (Drums)
-from Jacksonville, FL / San Francisco, CA

-If the loosely defined noise-pop genre had to have a typical representative, it might as well be San Francisco's Meices, a scrappy, loud, fun-loving garage-rocking trio led by singer/guitarist Joe Reineke.

Richard Scramaglia, Allan “Millbrae” Moon,
Dennis Galway, Richard Mather Marshall,
-from Oakland, CA

-Carlos was formed in beautiful Millbrae California in 1990 as a power trio, with Richard Scramaglia on guitar and vocals, Allan “Millbrae” Moon on bass and Doug Lippi on drums. A first CD was released soon thereafter entitled Coriander Salamander which included an amalgamation of Eps, singles, comp records and other recordings.

The band signed to Headhunter Records in 1995 and released Amy Armageddon, an album which was recorded in New Jersey by Bongwater’s Kramer, and mixed in San Diego by Mark Trombino.

Carlos next album was Bigger Teeth. Jason Ankeny of AllMusic Reviews declared “While signed to the Headhunter label, Carlos does not subscribe to the imprint's trademark incendiary punk sound; on Bigger Teeth, the group serves up winning pop hooks infused with teen angst and clattering guitars.”

In 2000, Carlos went through personal change by adding another Millbrae brethren Dennis Galway on drums, and Richard Mather Marshall, of Alice Donut glory, on guitar. This new line up produced the album Devil’s Slide on Spiral Stairs' label Amazing Grease. The album is a numinous and luminous ode to the cold West Coast. Songs like “Heavy Metal Monday” and “Quit your Job” jingle and jangle at full volume, splatter and batter in harmoniously celebration of the Fin de Siecle.