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Tuesday October 11 2016
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• 21 AND OVER
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
mr. Gnome
 Indie Rock
Owl Paws
Field Medic

 folk lo-fi

mr. Gnome
Nicole Barille - vocals & guitar, Sam Meister - drums, piano & back-up vocals
-from Cleveland, OH

-Forging beauty out of chaos with their explosive fusing of widescreen concepts and surreal psychedelia since their inception, singer/guitarist Nicole Barille, and drummer/pianist Sam Meister return with the duo hitting an undeniably new energetic peak. Layered vocals, searing guitars, and driving rhythms transport the listener into another world -- or, quite literally into The Heart of a Dark Star or the "belly of the beast" as they say -- which comes in and out of focus but never loses its cinematic eye. In other words, mr. Gnome is still very much operating in their conceptual wheelhouse, but this time their approach is leaner and the gut punches are swift.  "I read the phrase, 'The Heart of a Dark Star' in the Neil Gaiman book The Ocean at the End of the Lane," Barille says. "We had just finished mixing the record when I was reading this book, and this line jumped out at me and felt like it perfectly summed up the record as a pretty simple metaphor for the journey into the darkness of one's own mind. Really, the ultimate journey into the unknown. "
With spectral sounds swirling in and out of other-worldly themes, mr. Gnome continue to build multiple bridges for its fans and listeners that ultimately lead back to their dream-like, hypnotic realm of rock 'n roll. Mixed by engineer Kevin McMahon (Walkmen, Titus Andronicus, Swans, Real Estate), The Heart of a Dark Star represents the first time they have completely self-recorded an entire album. The band notes the  fundamentally different approach in the discovery process this go around, from setting up mics in their home studio and recording the ideas as they came, to discovering the orchestration in an autonomous way without the ticking of a studio clock, and without any outside influences either way.

Owl Paws
Derek Schultz, Timothy Vickers
Lucas Siobal, Wayne Mills
-from San Francisco, CA

-Owl Paws formed in 2011 when Derek Schultz,Timothy Vickers, and Lucas Siobal met as students in San Francisco. Over the years the boys pushed themselves to constantly write, record, and perform as often as possible to refine and challenge their sound. They have gone on several tours up and down the West Coast and to South By Southwest, playing everywhere from major venues to living rooms and dark caves. In July 2015 Owl Paws released their debut full length record "Reservoir", showcasing their emotionally driven folk rock sound. Their sound combines acoustic elements of folk music with driving drums, memorable vocals and progressive songwriting.

Field Medic
kevin patrick
-from San Francisco, CA

-some more lovely lofi goodness