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Thursday October 20 2016
 8:00PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$16 in advance / $20 at the door
Bear vs Shark
Never Young
 punk goth

Bear vs Shark
Marc Paffi
Derek Kiesgen
Mike Muldoon
John Gaviglio
Ashley Horak
-from Highland, Michigan

-In an era currently saddled neck-deep in genre-dictated complacency, it’s often hard for discriminating music fans to find bands imbued with a sense of originality. The gentlemen behind Bear Vs Shark (BVS) – one of Equal Vision’s most dizzyingly talented and diverse outfits – feel the exact same way. After all, these Michigan natives are, above everything, music fans themselves, which seems like something of an oddity when the majority of modern musical success is predominantly based upon purely financial and corporate themed goals.

BVS, however, has much more refreshing intentions. According to amiable frontman Marc Paffi, “We want our records and shows to be as vibrant and exciting for us as they might be for our fans. We’re all fans of older music and take influence from a lot of the stuff we grew up listening to. I think that helps us have a unique slant on things, especially during a time when so much music seems to be mass-produced.”

With originality as a template, BVS took its layered, grooving cabin-fever creations into producer Matt Ellard’s (Motorhead, Morphine, Converge) studio to put together Terrorhawk—the group’s most accomplished record to date. Building on the Fugazi meets Motown rhythms and grooves associated with the group’s debut LP (Right Now, You’re in the Best of Hands…), Terrorhawk contains fifteen tracks of a weathered and harrowing mixture of post-hardcore and rollicking rock fused tight with gut-wrenching soul, which further defines BVS as a group of individuals that is greater than the sum of its parts. While the sound on the new record will be fairly familiar to BVS’s ever-increasing devoted fan base, Terrorhawk is an amalgam of the group’s collective musical passions and obsessions–ranging from Black Sabbath to The Commodores.

Mike, Dave, Greg, Nick
-from New York

-Although self-categorized as “slacker rock,” Brooklyn’s LVL UP are quite an ambitious band. In only a few short years, they have released two critically acclaimed LPs, as well as a number of singles and splits with other indie darlings such as Porches, Ovlov and Radiator Hospital. Three Songs, the band’s new EP that will be their first on Run For Cover Records, is a quick but fulfilling demonstration of LVL UP’s ability to write incredibly understated indie-pop classics. In typical fashion, a different member of the band takes the lead on each of the EP’s songs. Opener “The Closing Door” is a mid tempo headbanger with drowsy leads soar- ing over the constant roar of fuzzed-out guitar and bass, followed by the quick & poppy sing-a-long “Blur,” which offers the record’s catchiest moments. “Proven Water Rites” ends the EP at it’s most melancholy, slowly building momentum from a melodic, steady rhythm into an intense and explosive end. With a full US tour booked around the release of Three Songs, LVL UP’s unique style of not-so-slacker rock won’t be under anyone’s radar for long

Never Young
Christopher Adams, Nikolas Soelter, Jeff Day, and Kevin Figueroa.
-from the Bay Area, CA

-"Sonic Youth, At The Drive In and My Bloody Valentine having a ménage à trois".
Never Young is a noise rock band from the Bay Area in California. Blending raw punk sounds and 90's guitar music with a synthetic digital aesthetic, jarring militant anthems meet angular pop songwriting. Never Young’s futurist sound is fleshed out and fully realized on their new self-titled EP; the sound of a pastel yellow iPhone 5c crashing through the window of your psyche.